Incoming 9th Graders

Information about Math requirements at Legacy High School

a) students must earn 3 math credits to graduate

b) students must be enrolled in math during 9th, 10th, and 11th grades


Incoming 9th graders will be placed into their math classes at Legacy High School according to the following criteria:

  • In-district students will be placed into Math 1 or Math 2 based on several pieces of data including placement tests and teacher recommendations.  

    • Math 1: Generally, regular 8th grade math students start in Math 1.  A student who does not meet the criteria to start in Math 2 will start in Math 1.  We have collected years of evidence to suggest this is the most appropriate placement for them.  There will be no additional opportunities to start in Math 2.

    • Math 2: Honors 8th grade math students often start in Math 2.  The strongest indicator would be how well a student does on the placement test to get into Math 2.  Students in Honors 8th grade math have already completed this placement test at their middle schools.  

  • 8th graders currently taking math at Legacy High School will be placed into the next level in the sequence.  (Ex.  A student taking Math 3 at Legacy will be placed into Math 4 for 9th grade)

  • Transfer students from out of district are generally placed into Math I; you can request to take the placement test if you believe that they are ready to take Math 2.

Course Progression

  • Starting in Math 1:

    • All Freshmen who start in Math 1 take Math 1 as a block first semester and Math 2 block second semester.  

    • Even though they start in Math 1, students can still finish Math 2 in 9th grade; then they will have earned two math credits.  

  • Starting in Math 2:

    • Freshmen who start in Math 2 take Math 2 block first semester and Math 3 block second semester; they also will end with two math credits.

  • Starting in Math 3:

    • A student who starts in Math 3 year-long class will earn one math credit.  They will end the year with the same placement as a student who starts in Math 2.  

    • The pathway for a student starting in Math 3 will include at least AP Math class prior to graduation.

The placement test date is March 22, 2017. Only eligible 8th graders who have filled out the form will be given a seat.

For questions, please email Mr. Hummel at Legacy High School: