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Office Staff

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School Resource Officer

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Crimestopper Line

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Dean's Office Mission

Prepare students for the future with life-long learning skills

Make a difference for students in an educational arena in terms of safety and positive role model

We commit to the items below to accomplish our goals:

Follow through with questions on consistency in terms of discipline.

Teach appropriate behaviors through modeling.

Continually improve our communication (with each other / our students).

Following the matrix and plan set forth in previous meetings.

Developing positive rapport with all students.

SWARM = back each other up.

Have fun!

Being on time to our assigned stations.

Being a "lifeguard" for Legacy High School students while in our care.

Information Available for Bullying / Harassment

          Fiction Books for Bullying/Harassment
          Bullying/Harassment Module Checklist
          Websites for Bullying/Harassment Information
          Bullying/Harassment Journal Book Questions