The English Department is proud and excited to work with the students of Legacy High School! 

We hope you find our website beneficial.  On this site, you can learn about the courses offered.  Additionally, there are reading and writing resources on our resources page.  You can also familiarize yourself with the senior Capstone project.  We have included expectations and guidelines to help seniors through this year-long project. Or you may browse through out faculty page to learn more about us.  Regardless, enjoy!

Mission Statement

Legacy High School's English Department will provide opportunities, expectations, and support for each student to achieve excellence in the areas of reading, writing, communication, and information technology.

Please see the link below for information regarding the books taught in Legacy High School's English classes.  Summaries are provided and mature themes are labeled.

Text Opt-Out Policy / Procedure

Parents or students may opt out from materials with mature content by providing an email or other written request for assignment of alternate material to the instructor.  The written notice should be provided to the instructor at least five school days prior to the planned commencement of the mature content so that the instructor has adequate time to identify alternative materials and instructional supports for the student.  An opt-out notice provided less than five school days in advance of commencement of the material shall not preclude the students/parent from opting out but may delay the identification of alternative materials and implementation of alternative instructional supports.