Ladies Golf Team

Important Dates Coming Up

Apr 12 - Tournament Ft. Collins

April 15  Lessons Fund Raiser (info coming)

Welcome to the 2017 Legacy Lady Lightning Golf Team

We start this season with 7 new players added to the team (congratulations BTW) after saying goodbye to 6 Varsity players from last season, making this a season of opportunity,  Again we have the opportunity to play some of the best courses in the State, and even more JV events have been added to the schedule, giving those players even more opportunity to groom their skills, thus working their way into the Varsity Line Up.

2017 Legacy Lady Lightning Golf Team Expectations

This team is for girls who are interested in competing in the game of golf, and feel that they already have the skills, or at least with work, can obtain the necessary game needed to compete in the future.  The coaching philosophy is to provide the tools and opportunities necessary for each golfer on the team to reach her full, individual potential.  Although the skill ability of each player differs, the mission of the program is for each golfer on the team to reach her full, individual potential through dedicated practice in a safe, yet competitive environment, as well through league and invitational tournaments.


Practices for golf are like practices for other sports; we prepare for upcoming contests. We will work on various parts of the game through use of the range, putting green, and chipping green. We will also practice many situations you may encounter in a round of golf to give you options on the course. There will be times that we will practice on the course, sometimes to determine which players will compete in the next tournament, sometimes to challenge your game in various situations - All this with a smile on our face. :)

Practices will be held:   

Mondays @ Eagle Trace from 4:15–5:00,

Tuesday and Thursdays @ The Broadlands from 4:15-5:00, 

Wednesdays @ The Broadlands from 1:45-2:30, 

Fridays are TBA.  

There may be times that we will meet on a Saturday for a team activity, or travel to a course for a practice round.. Most nights the coaches will stay until 6:30 for those players wanting extra help. There may be times that we will meet on a Saturday for a team activity, or travel to a course for a practice round.

If a player will be late or miss a practice, she must notify a coach  prior to practice with a text (best method), phone call, email, or in person. You may be excused from a practice for the following reasons; school, family or health – Note: Failing to plan or keep an organized life schedule is not an excuse.  Please keep open communication lines concerning absences and special circumstances. Please understand that repeated absences (excused or unexcused) can affect the athlete’s standing within the team as well as playing time/tournaments.

Playing Time/Tournaments  

Golf results are very objective – scores don’t lie (at least not from honest players). Qualifying for a tournament is decided by using the last 36 holes scores (trends) from practice rounds and tournaments.* The girls having the lowest scores play – minus one. The last spot is a coach’s pick – most likely it will be done by score, but at any time, a coach may fill that spot with a player of his choice.  All players on the team have the opportunity to qualify for tournaments.               *Course equity equations will be applied when needed

The Varsity Team will consist of the top 5+ players who can compete for a Varsity position from scores at tryouts.  JV will consist of 1-2 Juniors, 1-2 Sophomores, and 2-4 Freshman who currently have the skills/experience to compete in tournaments.

Developmental Team

Designed for players who have not yet acquired the skills necessary to compete at the high school level (this includes players new to the game), but show determination and desire to put forth the effort to achieve the game required making the team in subsequent years.  Thorncreek Golf Teaching Pro Hollen Gillis will work directly with this team 2 days/week.  At times the developmental team will work with the Varsity team on drills and strategic games.   Developmental players are not officially on the team, will not be required to pay the district athletic fee, nor are they eligible to compete in tournaments.

Player responsibility

Travel to practice, and all tournaments within 10 miles of LHS.  Equipment, including clubs, balls for tournaments, and uniform. Uniform (including hat, jacket, and team shirt – last year’s cost was $75, we should be close to that figure this year). Please see a coach if financial difficulties may create a hardship on your family.

Team Responsibility

Team bag, practice balls, practice rounds at Thorncreek, tournament fees, and transportation to tournaments farther than 10 miles from Legacy. If a player cannot ride the bus home, they must be signed out and they can only be released to a parent or legal guardian.

Fund Raising

Our philosophy of fund raising is that it will only be done if there is a need. Here are the current needs for the girls’ golf team:

Asst. Coach, Golf bags (update – last year’s effort have allowed us to get new bags this season), team rain/cold gear, practice/training aids, player/motivation awards.

This year’s fund raiser efforts will be geared to restaurant night participation.  This has become a great way to assist the girls with the least amount of effort.  Family Lessons night (players will teach their parents the game), and Home Tournament promo boards.  More info will follow.

If at any time players, or parents, have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or cell phone: 720.394.4693. Questions may be asked at any time. Concerns from parents will be taken care of through appointment only, at least 24 hours after initial contact.  Please be your child’s #1 Fan.  Be there for support, and even more important, her advocate.  Support her when she fails, and celebrate her achievements.  I am always open to listening to how to make our team better.


Colorado High School Activities Association 

We realize that it is enjoyable for friends and family members to watch high school golfers, but in order to protect the competition and the high school golfers, and in keeping with the traditional role of a spectator, so as not to interfere with any player on the course, all spectators are required to adhere to the following guidelines while watching a CHSAA Golf Tournament.


Spectators and parents, except those volunteers acting in an official capacity, are not allowed in the SCORING OR REGISTRATION AREA.


Walk only on the cart paths or in the rough where cart paths are not available. Always be aware of other groups on the course. (i.e. Don't hold up the group behind you.)


Golf carts will only be allowed on an exception basis at the discretion of the host facility and tournament director, when warranted by health or disability.


All spectators shall stay a reasonable distance away from the players at all times.


DO NOT walk along side the players while walking down the fairway or to the next teeing ground.


Do NOT talk with the players, as this may be construed as giving advice.


Do NOT attempt to give rulings or advice. There are several rules officials on the course to provide the players with assistance if they need it. If a rules official is not available, contact the tournament director


Spectators may help the players look for balls. This should be done with no other interaction with the player.


Obscene, abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated.


Disrespect to tournament officials, volunteers and other players will not be tolerated. Interfering with discussions on rulings and scores will not be permitted.


Distracting play by loud talking with other spectators and use of camera, cellular phones, radios, or beepers during competition is strictly prohibited. Cameras and/or video cameras may be used if they do not cause a distraction to the players.


Spectators are asked to encourage all players with polite clapping.

Parental or spectator interference may result in disqualification of the related player. Warnings will not be issued. This policy has been adopted to protect the players. Any continued non-compliance with these policies will result in parent or spectator being asked to leave the course and possibly a loss of future spectator privileges.