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Period 1 - off
Period 2 - Math IV - D112
Period 3 - Math II - D112
Period 4 - Math IV - D112
Period 5 - off
Period 6 - Math II - B212
Period 7 - off
Period 8 - Sophomore L2K - D103

Retake Policy for 2019-2020
  1. At the end of each essential outcome there will be a test.  The test will include questions from level 2, 3, and 4. The level 2 section of the test will be all multiple choice.  The level 3 and 4 section of the test will be mostly constructed response. The grade weights are as follows for all essential outcome tests:

  • Level 2 - 45%

  • Level 3 - 45%

  • Level 4 - 10%

  1. For most tests there will be a retake opportunity.  The retake policy will be as follows:

    1. Level 2: The level 2 portion of all tests will be retaken as the final exam.  All students will take the final exam. Students will earn a grade on the final exam.  In addition, the final exam will be divided into questions from each EO test for that semester.  The teacher will be able to see how well each student does on each of the essential outcomes for that semester.  If the percent of questions correct on the final for a particular essential outcome is better than the level 2 portion of that same essential outcome test, the level 2 grade for the original test will be replaced with that percentage.  For example, Jonny earned a 74% on the Level 2 portion of the EO 3 test. On the final exam Jonny got 83% of the EO 3 questions correct. Jonny’s new Level 2 grade for EO 3 is 83. If Jonny does worse than 74%, his EO 3 grade will stay at 74.

    2. Level 3 and 4: There will be opportunities to retake some of the Level 3 and 4 portions of tests.  Below are the requirements to be eligible to retake this.

      1. Prior to taking the test, students must complete the test review with honest effort.

      2. Students must redo all problems they did not earn full credit on from start to finish, on a separate sheet of paper by the stated deadline.  

      3. There will be additional practice problems for students to prepare for the retake.

      4. Students can only earn up to 85% on the retake.  

      5. The higher grade stands between the test and the retake.

      6. The retake will be held on one day only.  It will be outside of class during Academic Support and before school.

      7. There will be no make up retake tests.

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