English 9


Scroll down to see the daily events and assignments on the dates below...


Scroll down to see the daily events and assignments on the dates below...
Semester 2  

January 1.8   Rhetorical Devices - a new list of tools for speaking and writing.  Do you remember the literary terms still?  
1.9   Mini Skinny schedule.  Finish up the list of terms.  Check out To Kill a Mockingbird.  Chapter 1 
1.10  Analysis and rhetorical. Finish up the rhetorical devices notes.  Start Chapter 1    
1.11   Finish  Chapter 1 in TKM.  Go over note taking and polish up your notes.  

1.14   Chapter 2 in TKM Chapter 1 and 2 questions 
1.15   BLOCK Period  
1.16   BLOCK  Discuss TKM chapter 2.  Start the MLK speech Rhetorical Analysis process.  
 MLK speech Rhetorical Analysis 
1.18   TKM Chapter 3 and finish  MLK speech Rhetorical Analysis 

1.21 No School 
1.22  BLOCK Period - No Class - Come in during Academic Support Time to work on your questions 
1.23  BLOCK -  MAPS Testing.  Chapter 3 questions are due tomorrow.  Hand out To Kill a Mockingbird vocabulary.  Define the first ten for Thursday.  
1.24  Chapter 3 question are due.  Read chapter four - and go over the homework from 3.  Define the first ten words.  Finish 4 for Friday.  
1.25  Chapter 4 and 5. There are a few comprehension questions we will work on in class.  Finish 4 and 5 is homework

1.28  Go over chapter 5 homework.  Poetry - How do you explicate a poem?     
All MAPS testing needs to be done tomorrow.  
1.29  Access Time - come in and let's work on the questions / Take the MAPS test if you haven't. 
1.30  BLOCK - Chapter 6 , work on the Langston Hughes poem from Monday.  
1.31  The Flowers -a short story and a few questions.  Start Chapter 7  and finish for Friday 
2.1   Eyes on the Prize documentary and questions,  Begin 8 - finish 8 over the weekend.  Quiz over 1-8 on Monday  

Bring your Grammar Packet - Grammar  101 for Wednesday!  

2.4  Reading assessment over chapters 1-8.  Writing question - your perfect paragraph (writing assessment is due Wednesday).  Start subject verb agreement.   
2.5  BLOCK No class, but come in and finish your paragraph/reading 
2.6  BLOCK    No Academic Time Wednesday (pep assembly).  Paragraph is due!   Grammar Packet - Grammar  101  
 Read chapter 9 in class - note taking skills.   Read chapter 10 for HW. Take Home quiz.   Subject verbs part two.   Fist PSAT passage practice.  Due Thursday.  
2.7   PSAT practice passage review.  Start Chapter 11.  Camellia and symbolism.  
2.8  Eyes on the prize part 2 and questions.  Reading assessment over part one on Monday!  

2.11  TKM Part One reading assessment with notes.  No Red Ink assignment - Subject Verbs 1 - Due Friday 
2.12  BLOCK Come in for a paragraph re-write on completion during Tuesday Academic Time.  
2.13  BLOCK TKM Part Two!  Read chapter 12.  Prejudice in TKM.  Strange Fruit poem/song.  
2.14  Poetry Chapter 13 and 14 with the questions in your notes for Wednesday next week.  No Red Ink Assignment is due Friday 
2.15  No School - In Service 

2.18  No School Presidents' Day 
2.19  Block Period - No class, but come in and finish up your reading and notes.  
2.20  BLOCK Period Note check on 13 and 14.  Grammar skills for the quarter 3 assessment. Meter practice.   
2.21   Poetry explication practice - I like to see it lap the miles  -vocab if time.  
2.22  Discuss the poem from yesterday and turn it in.  Vocabulary extravaganza.  Quarter 3 vocabulary and a smaller list for TKM.  Start chapter 15 - finish 15 over the weekend -- Chapter 15 self quiz - take it home and complete 15 for Monday.  

2.25  Turn in chapter 15 questions.  Vocabulary exercise.    Read 16 in class together.  Finish 16 for Wednesday and bring ion the completed vocabulary practice.    
2.26  BLOCK - No class, but come on in and work on the novel / vocab 
2.27  BLOCK -  Grammar review for the 3rd quarter assessment.  
2.28  Turn in the vocabulary practice. Read 17 in class.  Finish 17 for tomorrow.  
3.1  Start Chapter 18.  Finish 18 over the weekend.  Think of the Mayella paragraph.     

Turnitin.com  Class codes and enrollment key. 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 

Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

No Block periods this week...
3.4  Start the Mayella Ewell paragraph due tomorrow!  Turn the paragraph in to turnitin.com by end of day Tuesday.  
3.5  Turn in the paragraph - continue on with 19.  Vocabulary review.  
3.6  In service no school 
3.7  Atticus' closing arguments and the unmitigated temerity.   Type of evidence.  JKF quotation.  
Questions 1-9 for chapter 20 due FRIDAY. Also due FRIDAY , complete the  grammar review - active vs. passive voice and the commonly confused verbs.  
3.8 Go over the grammar from yesterday.  PSAT practice number 3 .  Start 21.  Finish 21 and 22 with notes over the weekend.  Reading quiz on Monday over 21 and 22.  

3.11  Quiz over 21 and 22.   Grammar and vocabulary review.   No TKM homework. Study for the 3rd quarter grammar and vocabulary assessment on Wednesday.  
3.12   Tuesday BLOCK period - come in and study for the assessment tomorrow.  
3.13  Grammar Quarter 3 and Vocabulary Assessment.  Start  23 and discover themes .  Finish 23 for Thursday.   
3.14  Read 24 in class.  Answer the study guide questions  Vocabulary review and grade. 
3.15  Eyes on the Prize part 3 and q's.  Read chapter 25 AND 26  over the weekend and don't forget the study guide and crossword. 

3.18  Read 27 in class and answer the q's.  It's a good one!  They need to read 28 and 29 for Wednesday!  We will finish the novel on Wednesday with 30 and 31. 
3.19  BLOCK - no class - come in and work on TKM! 
3.20  BLOCK - finish the novel and start the 5 paragraph essay. 
3.21  Reading assessment and Work on the 5 paragraph essay 
3.22  5 paragraph essay work -  due my 11:59 FRIDAY evening. MARCH 29.   

        Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.
Spring Break    5 paragraph essay work -  due my 11:59 pm FRIDAY evening, MARCH 29.   Turnitin.com

4.1   PSAT Pre registration in the Stampede Room.  Then start the  Emmett Till article     Emmett Till then and now.   
4.2  Tuesday BLOCK - Academic Support - finish the article from yesterday if you need more time 
4.3  Wednesday BLOCK - PSAT practice - number 4 together.  Start the Sonnet
4.4  Last PSAT practice - number 5- Continue with the sonnets  
4.5  TKM film 

4.8   TKm Film - finish 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - ONLY 10th and 11th grade students will be in attendance.  They will complete the PSAT 10 and SAT with an anticipated dismissal time of 11:00am* and buses will depart MRHS at 11:15am.  Please note: any students who registered to take the exam with the optional essay portion, will not be dismissed until later and no district transportation home will be available.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - ONLY 9th and 11th grade students will be in attendance.  They will complete the PSAT 9 and CMAS Science test.  Students will be dismissed around 10:45am* and buses will leave MRHS at 11:00am.

4.11  Discuss and explicate sonnet 18. Finish TKM 
4.12   Finish explication of sonnet 18.  Follow the seven steps to explication.  
Check out Romeo and Juliet - Start the prologue - Explicate the prologue for homework - due Monday. 

4.15  Go over the prologue.  How to read Shakespeare - round table.  
BLOCK Period Essay retake 
4.17  BLOCK Period Act 1, scene 1 
4.18  Act 1, scenes 2, 3 
4.19  Shakespeare in the World - 

4.22  Act 1 scene 3 
4.23  BLOCK 
4.24  Let's get caught up = Act 1, scenes 1-3 review.  Read scene 4 - Metaphor note card assignment.  
4.25  Turn in the metaphor note card assignment.  Finish Act 1 - Romeo and Juliet meet.  Queen Mab speech illustration using Mercutio's speech as evidence.   
Take home test over Act 1 - DUE TOMORROW. 
4.26  Turn in the take home test.  Finish the Queen Mab Illustration.  Start of Act 2. Note taking reminders and some questions. 

4.29  Turn in Queen Mab art.  Start Act 2 and read scenes 1 and 2.  Friar Lawrence Soliloquy - DUE WEDNESDAY! 
4.30  BLOCK - Academic Support Time.  Come in and work on the soliloquy due tomorrow.  
5.1    MAY DAY!  Finish Act 2.  Friar Lawrence Soliloquy is due.  hand out the quotations half sheet and the R and J scavenger hunt assignments - these are due at the end of Act III
5.2   Film - different interpretations fot he Act 1 and Act 2 
5.3   Read Act 3, scene 1.   Paragraph writing at the end of the hour -Choose one of the questions for a MEAL paragraph... Due Monday!     
 MEAL Paragraph Rubric 

Paragraph Writing Party - TUESDAY during Academic Support Time 
Come in at 7:10 or before to retake any missing paragraph writing assessment from the semester you did not turn in or needs revising. 

5.6  Finish Scene 3  Paragraph is due to turnitin.com 
5.7  BLOCK  -Academic Support Time  Paragraph Retake opportunity.  
5.8  BLOCK Film catch up.  Finish up what's left of Act 3 
5.9  Work on Act 1-3 assignments.  Act 3 Reading Assessment on Friday!  
5.10  Acts 1-3 Reading Assessment 

5.13  Read over Act 4 - had out act 4 and 5 vocabulary - finish Act 4 for Tuesday 
5.14  Review Act 4 and go over the Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions - essay is due on Monday!  Go over the vocabulary from act 4.  Left over time is for presentation practice.   Presentations of your 10 lines in on Friday! 
5.15  Graduation Day!  No class. 
5.16  Begin Act Five in R and J - start it and try to finish it!  Left over time is for presentation practice.  
5.17  Presentations in the auditorium ! Left over time is for essay work.  Essays are due Monday!  

5.20  1/3 review for final, 1/3 film half, 1/3 essay time.  Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions 
Essay is due Monday, May 20 to turnitin.com (well, by midnight).  

Turnitin.com  Class codes and enrollment key. 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 
Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

5.21  Final Exams - Block period - no class. 
5.22  Romeo and Juliet Final Exam    Final Grades Posted by noon.  
5.23  Last Day of Classes!  The Newest R and J 





Narrative is due on September 28!  To Turnitin.com   !  


Wednesday 8.15     Welcome to Mountain Range!  Intro to the class and expectations and your new school!  
Thursday 8.16         Start reviewing the list of Literary Terms.  The 5 pillars of literature.  Start studying!  Picture day in the auditorium.  
Friday  8.17              Library and email/computer log in.  Finish the list of literary terms.  First exam next week.  
Monday 8.20          Work on the literary terms list.  Start the narrative unit.  Begin reading House on Mango Street. chapter 1.    
Tuesday 8.21           Begin paragraph writing assessment in class. 
Wednesday 8.22     Mini-Skinny schedule.  Periods 1-8 today.  Time to finish the assessment from Tuesday and start House on Mango Street, notes.  
Thursday 8.23         Read House on Mango Street and identifying literary terms, analyzing literature.  
Friday 8.24               Parts of speech review with the Writer's Inc books.  

Monday 8.27            Finish the list of literary terms!  Narrative ideas - start your journal...Journal number 1.  Where's home to you and what makes it a home?       
Tuesday   8.28          BLOCK Periods 2,4, 5,6,8   Academic Support time -come in from 7:17-7:50 for help!  C118
Wednesday  8.29     BLOCK  Periods 1,3, 7 and Academic Support time from 11:50-12:30  MAPS reading assessment.  Literary Terms Assessment tomorrow!  Study!  The parts of speech review sheets from last week should be turned in already.  House on Mango chapter 1 assignment is due Friday! Literary Terms
Thursday 8.30          Review the literary terms for an assessment today! Journal 1 - Describe your favorite family member.  Use the chapter "Hairs" as an example.  Use metaphors and similes to describe your family                                         member.  Finish chapter 1 questions.  Due Friday.  
Friday 8.31                Turn in questions from chapter 1.  Journal 2 - write about the place you call home.   HOMS and questions today.  HOMS - let's dig in - learning how to take notes.  How Do I Take Notes on a Novel?

9.4                              BLOCK no class - Come in during Academic Access time either this morning or Wednesday after classes to retake the literary terms test!  Fix your last test and study!  
9.5                              BLOCK period - Journal 3 - what do you know?  Reading Aesop's fables and discovering THEME - turn in the group responses from the fables.  
9.6                              HOMStreet Journal 4 - a time you fixed something - or broke something. 
                                    Reading - practice finding literary terms and note taking in Mango Street.  Cathy Queen of Cats to  chapter And Some more  
9.7                              Journal 5 - write a bout a time you and your family all did something together hen Grammar Packet!  Start the parts of speech in the packet. 
                                    Finish the first two sets of practice exercises on pages 2 and 3 in the grammar packet for Monday.  

9.10                             Journal 6, then House on Mango Street - finish the questions we started on Thursday. Practice with No Red Ink on the Chromebooks.  
                                    Click on the link for your class below and sign up for NoRed Ink! 

                                     Period 1 No Red Ink              Period 3 No Red Ink

9.11                              BLOCK -No class, but come in to retake the literary terms assessment!  Get a 4!  
9.12                              BLOCK  Journal 7 -  Narrative Rubric and a how to map out your short story.  Capital Letter Rules and Practice. 
                                      HOMEWORK /CLASSWORK - Finish the HOMS chapter questions - due tomorrow.   Finish the No  Red Ink by Monday!  
9.13                              Turn in HOMS  chapter questions.   Turn in  Journals!  Literary terms practice sheet.  
                                      Idea Maps for your narrative.  Start work on your Narrative and No Red Ink assignment.  Read another narrative example, Complaining.   
9.14                               Grade and review the literary terms review sheet.  You need to know these!  Read another narrative example - Hunter Safety.  Time for No Red Ink / Starting your narrative.  

Narrative is due on September 28!  To Turnitin.com   

9.17                               House on Mango Street Guide - answering with the perfect answers.  Read Family of Little Feet to Born Bad.  Answer the first chapter today together. 
                                      No Red Ink is due today.  
   Period 1 No Red Ink              Period 3 No Red Ink
9.18                              BLOCK no class - Come in and take the literary terms assessment!  
9.19                              BLOCK  HOMS - Capital letter practice.  Vocabulary words for Quarter 1 - get your own word for presentation.  Another example of a narrative.  Time for narrative work.  Have an idea on what                                           you will be writing about!  Sign up for TURNITIN.COM     
9.20                              HOMS study guide 1-8 and narrative time.  
9.21                               Example of a narrative.  Narrative writing time.   

Turnitin.com  Class codes and enrollment key. 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 

Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

9.24  Reminder - quarter 1 vocabulary and presentation next week! 
9.25  Block - no class, but come in and retake the Lit Terms Test!  Last chance!  
9.26  No Red Ink, Due HOMS and narrative time.  
9.27  HOMS finish the study guide.  Vocabulary presentations begin next week!  
9.28   Narrative is due!  Narrative Checklist       Narrative Rubric

Narrative is due on September 28!  To Turnitin.com  
Turnitin.com  Class codes and enrollment key. 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 

Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

10.1         MEAL paragraph.  Rubric for vocabulary presentation. Paragraph is due Wednesday! 
10.2       Academic support time - Come in and take the retake on the literary terms test!  Come in and work on the paragraph!  
10.3       House on Mango Street Assessment.   
10.4       Esperanza MEAL paragraph.  DUE MONDAY!   Parts of speech review.  
10.5       Vocabulary and Parts of speech.  Check out new novel.  Of Mice and Men 

 10.8      How to take notes on a novel?  Vocabulary and parts of speech review.  Begin chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men. No Red Ink due tomorrow.  
10.9       BLOCK  - Academic Support time.    No Red Ink completed?  
10.10     Quarter 1 Vocabulary and Grammar Assessment.   Finish Chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men and vocabulary practice.  
10.11      Of Mice and Men vocab - look familiar?  Chapter 2 questions for notes!  
10.12     Read Chapter 2 (finish chapter 2 and questions for Monday!)  Complete the vocabulary for OMAMen.  Check over chapter 1 questions from yesterday.  Grammar Packet!    Go over the apostrophe in the packet and some apostrophe practice.  Need another grammar packet?  Print one out! 
Grammar Packet - Grammar  101   

 10.15   Apostrophe review.   Turn in the purple sheet Wednesday!  Chapter 2 questions due Wednesday.  GO over the reading from the weekend.  Chapter 2 questions SHOULD be completed. 
Chapter 2 questions.  
10.16    BLOCK - no class.   Narrative rewrite - meet with me during Academic Support time - Rewrites are due October 26! 
10.17    Chapter 3 - small group reading .  How are your notes?  Annotation is important!  Don't simply complete the class questions, TAKE NOTES!  
10.18   Finish the questions from chapter 3 in class on the Chromebooks.   How to incorporate textual evidence.   Vocabulary review from Of Mice and Men.   
10.19    Work on questions from chapter 3.  The Comma 

Narrative rewrites are due October 26!  To turnitin.com 

10.22   Chapter 3 questions are due.  Share with joh006244.   Finish the commas and sentences.  Fill out at least 2 pieces of evidence on the characterization sheets.  
10.23  BLOCK  -Academic Support Time - come in for a conference and last chance at retake for HOMS Assessment.  
10.24  BLOCK -Chapter 4 and start the Body Bio.  Groups of 4 - characterization from OMAM.   
10.25  Read Chapter 4 - finish the last 5 pages of the chapter for homework!  
10.25  Answer chapter 4 questions.  Body Bio work the last 20 minutes. Every adds one piece from the list of items.  No Red Ink - last apostrophe assignment is due today.  
Homework.  Please make sure you are caught up on the reading and notes.  Questions from chapter 4 are due on Monday!  

10.29  Turn in homework over chapter 4.  Grammar packet -review the colon and the semicolon.  Start chapter 5! 
10.30  George paragraph in class.     Of Mice and Men  - what does the title mean?  Robert Burns's poem  
10.31  In service - no school 
11.1   George paragraph .  Finish the novel!  
11.2  George paragraph is due today.  The importance of a first draft....  Transition words to consider. Answering the questions.  MEAL format. 
  Finish body bios.  Present bios on BLOCK .  

11.5  Of Mice and Men reading assessment. 
11.6  BLOCK -No Class, but come in for any extra help you may need!  
11.7  BLOCK  - Film and poster presentations.  
11.8  Finish the Film 5 paragraph essay introduction.  Comma and semicolon, colon review.
11.9   5 paragraph essay - work on this in class  - Essay is due Wednesday, Nonmember 14!   Literary Analysis Rubric   

Thursday, NOVEMBER 15 -  5 Paragraph Essay is due to turnitin.com 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 

Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

11.12  Veterans Day - No School 
11.13  BLOCK - No Class  - come in and work on your essay!  
11.14    Your Utopia.  Building the Windmill.  Animal Farm Check Out 
11.15   5 Paragraph Essay is due to turnitin.com    AF vocabulary,  define your share of the words for Friday. 
Comma and semicolon practice.  Due tomorrow.  Practice note taking skills on AF.       Bring in Utopian ideas, your flag, and your symbolic animal.  
11.16   Start Chapter 2.  Utopia countries - add the symbol, flag, name, and rules of your Utopia.  

Over break, read chapters 3, 4, and 5 for the first day back.   Take notes!    How Do I Take Notes on a Novel?

11.26  Read chapter 6 in class.  Take notes on the novel as we read!  
11.27  Come in for help during Academic Support time!  
11.28  BLOCK - Quarter 2 vocabulary.  Quiz over Animal Farm Reading.  The Rhetorical Triangle and magazine assignment.  
11.29  Chapter 6 and 7 - Finish chapter 7 and the questions from the green sheet.  
11.30  Punctuation review and Apostrophe Quiz on No Red Ink.   PLEASE catch up on chapters 1-7 over the weekend if you have not been reading!  
12.3    Grammar and punctuation review - due Wednesday.  Vocabulary review - have you completed the sentences?  Due Wednesday for a language grade.     
Begin chapter 8 in class.  What three ways do the pigs use propaganda to influence AF?  
12.4   BLOCK No class, but come in during Academic time and work on the novel!  
12.5  BLOCK - Finish chapter 8 and questions.  Three propaganda ideas?  Start working on the AF propaganda poster.  
12.6  Starting the MEAL paragraphs for AF -propaganda and AF.  What's happening in France?   
12.7  Propaganda assignment introduction and explanation.  Start Chapter 9 - try to finish in class.  Quarter 2 vocabulary sentence worksheet.  Due Monday! 
Last part of class - pick your work - The vocbualry, reading and finishing chapter 9 (don't forget your questions), working on the propaganda assignment.    
12.10  Chapter 10 - the last chapter!  Finish up the questions. 
12.11  BLOCK No class - come in and work on your poster and paragraph 
12.12  Work on MEAL paragraph and poster.  No Red Ink assignment review.  Vocabulary review and  review for AF final.  
12.13  MEAL paragraph is due.  Propaganda poster is due.   Present your poster.
12.14  AF Reading assessment 

Turnitin.com  Class codes and enrollment key. 
Period 1     Class ID    19181493   enrollment key   Mango 

Period 3     Class ID   19181541  enrollment key      Mango 

12.17  Jeopardy vocabulary game.  Review for the final exam 
12.18  Finals periods 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
12.19  Final Exam - Quarter 2 Grammar and Vocabulary Assessment.    
12.20  Any last AF Wrap up items.