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Girls Golf

Related imageGirls' Golf Schedule 2018

1.  Lobo Invitational - Hosted by Rocky Mountain High School

 Harmony Golf Club - Thursday, March 22nd  10:00am – Shotgun

Check-in begins at 9:00am

4 person teams – score top three (fourth player for tie-breaker)

Awards for top 2 teams and top 3 individuals

2.  April 3 at Flatirons GC,  League Match #1;  shotgun start; 9:00 AM. $24.00/player

3.  League Match #2: Monday April 9th - Mountain Range @ Ranch Country Club, 11:00 AM Shotgun start, $140.00 / 5 players
4.  April 11 Wednesday @ Loveland Olde Course, Loveland Invitational, Coach Bill Stephens, 9:00 AM Shotgun Start; $140.00
5.  Air Academy Lady Kadet Invitational Golf Tournament on Friday, April 13, 2018, at 8:30 a.m. at Eisenhower Golf Club – Blue Course.   $150.00
6.  League Match #3: Wednesday, April 18 - 8:00 am - shotgun at Coal Creek; Cost $30/golfer.  5 varsity 
7.  League Match #4: Fossil Ridge will be hosting conference match #4 on Thursday April 26th.  
Location: Southridge Golf Course, 5750 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Time: 8:30am, shotgun start

Cost: $30/player, checks payable to Fossil Ridge High School

8.  MondayApril 30th2018   R2J Invitational. $145.00

Check in 8:15am—Shotgun start at 9:0am Loveland Olde Course - 4 players

9.  League Match #5 at Riverdale Knolls: May 2nd, start time 8:00AM . V and JV welcome. $25/player will include lunch.

10.  Fossil Ridge will be hosting the 5A northern girls regional on May 7th at Collindale in Fort Collins


Coach Mitch Dean

303 929-1481     mdirish2000@yahoo.com

Coach David Lawrence

303 519-3580

Preparation:  secure the required paperwork from the athletic department secretary, Lori Hill ASAP.  Check the Horizon website for required paperwork to participate in Horizon athletics.  Make arrangements immediately for a physical.

Turn in all required paperwork & fees to the athletic secretary on Friday February 23rd during athletic check in. 

Dress: All courses have dress codes.  You must wear a polo shirt or mock tee.  You may wear khaki shorts or pants or golf skirt.  No tee shirts, untucked shirts, jeans, or cutoffs of any kind are permitted. Always bring rain gear, 2 X gloves, stocking cap, scarf, umbrella, towel & long sleeve shirts to practice & matches.  Weather can be brutal.

Practice, practice, practice! We practice at Riverdale Golf Course immediately after school Monday through Thursday.  Our first practice is Thursday March 1st at Riverdale Golf Course at 3:30PM.  Normally Friday is your day to practice or play.  We will have practice the first three Friday's of March until after our first match.  I can meet you for individual skill work on Fridays after our season begins. Practice now. You should be at the putting green and chipping green daily.  You should be practicing for one to one and a half hours almost daily.  Our practices will conclude between 5:00 & 5:15 PM 

At the driving range, every shot you take has a purpose.  Distance is not the only goal.  Accuracy is critical.  Know the distance of each club in your bag. 

You should play at least once a week.  Play with teammates & people you don’t know. This adds pressure and helps you handle pressure situations.  After you play, go over your scorecard.  What were your strengths?  Weaknesses?  What part of the game needs more attention?  How would you play the course the next time? 

I am available almost daily to help you with your skill development. Text me to set up a practice time.  Bring a teammate so you can both help each other.  Video taping your stance & swing is a great tool to help you see what you are doing well while also seeing what you need to change in your mechanics. 

Equipment:  You are responsible for your equipment and all accessories and required golf essentials.  Be prepared when you come to the course.

Horizon will furnish ten school bags for your golf clubs & accessories.  I will furnish logo golf balls for match play. I also have practice golf balls for anyone who needs them.

Ethics:  Like any sport, we have very clear ethical practices for our participants.  Cheating of any kind will result in immediate dismissal.  Profanity, throwing clubs, being disrespectful towards the course, course officials, teammates, coaches, and yourself will also result in immediate dismissal.  We demand respect, good sportsmanship, and your best behavior at all times.

Eligibility:  Grades are checked weekly.  Study sessions will be arranged if necessary. You can only play if your grades are acceptable.  

We have 10 matches scheduled thus far, combination of varsity & JV. You will play 9-18 holes of golf, walking the course, with a push/pull cart.  Be in shape! 

Goals:  have fun; work to improve your golf swing, mechanics, knowledge; know the rules; improve your game