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*** Pre-season Softball Camp!!!! (Release form attached)

   DATES:    August 9th, 10th, & 11th

   TIME:       3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.                    

   WHERE:   Horizon High School Softball Fields

   COST:     $75 Make checks payable to Horizon High School


You may register anytime during the program, but may not participate without registration being turned in and payment received!


Camp objectives to include but not limited to: outfield/infield drills, position play, offensive sign structure, defensive situations, rules for cut-offs, relay system, bunt defense, offensive sign structure, bat discipline, bunting, base running, sliding, hitting, etc… as well as to improve each player’s individual skill level.

Please send form and payment to: (or bring the first day of camp)


Gary Mares, Head Coach                             

Horizon High School

5321 East 136th Ave.

***Athletic Check-In dates are:

August 3rd-August 5th       8-12pm & 1-3pm
August 8th-August 11th      8-12pm & 1-3pm
Here is information from our Athletic Secretary:
     Please remind your athletes that as time gets closer for athletic check-in, that all required paperwork and info is on the Horizon Website. Official first day of practice is August 15th. I WILL NOT accept paperwork on that day. Physicals, payment and the rest of the forms need to be turned into before August 15th. I am also going to have to be much stricter about paying their fees at that time. They will be turned away if they do not have their fee. Too many unpaid fees are still outstanding from last season and I can not continue to believe that they will get the payment in.  

Encourage parents and athletes to check the web page. All information is on there. 

***August 15th-16th
​ Tryouts 
  3:30-6:30 Varsity Field

***August 10th-Fall Athletic Parent Meeting
     6:00-starting in the Auditorium
​ ​ 

​Hope you are having a fun summer!​


Information: Email Coach Gary.Mares@adams12.org
Official Website Horizon Softball


Gary E. Mares


Hawks News 


The 2016 season has already begun with the goal to improve individually and as a program!



Morning Strength and Conditioning program Monday & Thursdays from 5:45 a.m. 7:00 a.m.starting Monday, February 1st. Release and payment must be turned in before participation. All incoming 8th graders you can start on Monday, May 2nd!



We Play Hard!”


Your commitment to the off-season and pre-season shows your commitment to your success as well at the programs success!

Quick Facts


Coach Mares has led the Hawks for the past 4 seasons. Under Mares, Horizon has been to Regionals twice (2014, 2012) and State once (2014). In 2014, the Hawks became the first team in school history  to win a game in the State Tournament (It was only the second time they have qualified for the State Tournament) while making it to the "Elite 8". The 2014 club set records for wins (12) and games played (24).








Parent Letter

Dear Parents,


Thanks for your interest in the “Lady Hawk” Fastpitch Softball Program and in helping your student athlete. We as coaches need to remember that it’s an honor and a privilege to handle someone’s child. You would not send your child to a day care that had a bad reputation.


You need to know we will be taking the time to see how our players feel from the enclosed questionnaire.


Remember the bunt defense, rise ball, two-strike approach, etc… that we teach them will not have anything to do with their marriage, job, or raising their children. If we refer to ourselves as “coaches”, we need to get them ready for the “Real Games”, life’s personal and professional changes.


The players will “never care to see how much we know, until they know how much we care”!


The Lady Hawk Fastpitch Softball Program will always remember that we are in the kid business, not softball!




Gary E. Mares


Gary E. Mares

Head Softball Coach, Horizon High School