Welcome to Horizon's SOAR Program

The SOAR program is a four year, comprehensive program which provides an accelerated, rigorous course load across three majors:  Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts, and Math/Science. 

The SOAR program was born out of a mission to:
  •     Instill 21st century leadership skills.
  •     Achieve 100% college application, acceptance, and work readiness.
  •     Foster community, cultural, and civic engagement.
  •     Help students explore and research within one of three major areas of interest.
  •     Improve achievement on state and national assessments.
Now in its 6th year at Horizon High School, we are excited to be kicking off the grades 9, 10, 11 and 12th grade  SOAR class options.  Through these course offerings, we will engage SOAR students in Core 21st Century Teaching and Learning Objectives:
  •       Self Actualization
  •       Technology and the Arts
  •       Experiential Learning
  •       Collaboration and Community
  •       Research and Assessment Tools
  •       Leadership and Civic Engagement