Benefits of being in SOAR

  • College and Career Readiness 
Many honors classes place a great deal of emphasis on lifelong learning and continuing education.  With a focus and a mind set on college entrance exams, SOAR students will receive advice and counseling from mentors on selection of colleges, scholarships, and application procedures for college and career planning.

  • Experiential Learning
Students who participate in the SOAR Honors Program will have opportunities to participate in personal academic challenges, cultural events at theaters and museums, campus-wide recognition banquets, annual university visits, job shadow programs, round table discussions, visits with congressional leaders, and many more.

  • Scholarship Opportunities, Test Preparation and College Credit
Students who participate in the honors program may also qualify for certain scholarships and college credit.  We spend time from Freshman year on exploring scholarship opportunities that match each SOAR student's individual eligibility.  Students will spend time in class completing college and scholarship applications with guidance.
All SOAR students have multiple opportunities to prepare for college entry exams, particularly the ACT/SAT.
All SOAR students currently take at least one, and usually many more, AP level classes.  Through SOAR, we help facilitate study groups, learning strategies, and test preparation that can maximize chances of attaining scores worthy of college credit.  There are also opportunities to earn credit through Front Range Community College for a variety of course offerings.

  •  Registration Guidance
SOAR students are given opportunities to meet and discuss their course selections through the registration process and before school begins.  We work hard to ensure that SOAR students have optimal schedules, with a balance of rigor and high interest.  SOAR coordinators will hold registration meetings during evenings while registration is taking place.
The overall SOAR curriculum map ensures a high level of rigor, college preparation, and potential for college credit.

  • Community Service
SOAR students have multiple service opportunities within the program, most notably the addition of our new peer tutoring program, which will allow SOAR students to earn community service hours by providing support to students across all classes.  In addition, SOAR students are expected to complete at least 80 hours of service through their four years.

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