A little bit about me

Important Things You Should Know for the 2016 - 2017 School Year

1.  Every student must have a graphing calculator (Ti 83 or higher).  Parents can rent one through the "Pay For It"          link on the Horizon Home Page or purchase one from Office Max / Depot (or sometimes used on Craigslist).
2.  I love teaching!
3.  Student cell phones should be stowed in backpacks unless I direct them otherwise.  I like technology, but                        sometimes it is more distracting than helpful in the classroom.
4.  I love teaching!!!
5.  We are going to have a great year!

I am new to Horizon this year, however, I have been teaching math for the past 13 years. All 13 previous years were at Arvada High School.  In my Arvada High School life I was the girls varsity soccer coach, and I was fortunate to teach all levels of math.  I loved the relationships that I was able to build with the people, but I am excited to move to Horizon.  I have two children Bright Horizons Day Care, Collin 3, and Asher 10 months.  My wife Lisa also teaches in the district at Stellar elementary school.  I look forward to completing teaching career here at Horizon High School.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions my desk phone number is 720-972-4450 and my email is stuart.v.detlefsen@adams12.org
                    My Schedule 2016-2017
 Period TimeLocation  Class
 1st     7:15-8:08   Desk      Plan 
 2nd8:14-9:12 Mobile 6 Discrete 
 3rd9:17-10:10 Mobile 6 CMIC III 
 4th     10:15-11:08Desk       Plan 
 5th11:13-12:06 D0403  AP Stats
 6th    12:11-1:04 Desk       Plan 
 7th1:08-2:02 D0403 Discrete 
 8th2:07-3:00 D0403 CMIC III