Welcome to the school year of 2018-2019!
Below you will find the courses taught for the year and available times for additional support.

This year, I have the opportunity to teach American Sign Language I, II, AND III.

Have a great year and feel free to contact me with the given information below.

Office hours in A108 OR B109:  period 3 & 8, before and after school if made by appt.
Academic Support room:  B109 (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:00)

Grading Rubric – Public Speaking








Exceeds expectations


~  Uses effective transitions


~  Content shows high level thinking (draws own conclusions, opinions)

~   Engages audience in speech without it being a disruption

~   Power Point/ Prezi:  Visual aids are clear and easy to see (7 slides)

~  Visual aids are spread throughout the presentations


~   Deliberate body gestures have a positive effect

~   Voice fluctuates

Meets expectations


~   Clear structure

~   Introduction ( 2 to 3 sub topics) 

~   Body, 7 to 9 minutes

~  Conclusion appropriate  (restates sub topics) closing

~  Subject is clear and consistent,

~  Document sources,

~  Uses specific examples

~   Less than 7 slides

~   Uses Poster,  White Board  (effectively ) or uses some other type of visual aid

~   Appropriate use of visual aids


~   Establishes frequent eye contact

~   Appropriate movement (not distracting)

~   Appropriate voice (volume, tone, speed) Not monotone

~   All  members involved

In Progress


~   You have two out of the three items in category 3

~  Structure is distracting to speech

~  Subject is not well defined


~   Visual aid not used well

~   2-3  visual aids

~   Visual aids do not connect with topic

~   Less than 5 Power Point slides

~   Little eye contact

~   Movements interfere with presentation

~  Inappropriate voice (monotone)

~  Only some members involved

Insufficient Progress


~  You have one of the three items in category 3

~  Structure is chaos

~   Subject is not defined

~  No sources documented

~    Less than 2 visual aids

~   Negative use of visual aid

~  No Power Point

~   No eye contact (Reads the speech)

~  Excessive inappropriate movement