Referrals should be made by spring break of the student's senior year

Adult Community-Based Services

- Services are person-centered and age-appropriate.  Instruction occurs in the student's home and community settings in order to foster independence and community integration.

- Services are optional.  Students complete Transition Services at the end of the semester during which they reach 21, when they have completed all of their IEP goals, or when they no longer choose to participate and accept their diploma.  Their diploma will be dated the spring of the year in which they complete District 12 services.

- Instruction is focused on increasing independence across the the domain areas: vocational, residential, community, recreational, and educational.  Support is provided to families with post-secondary and adult agency linkages and partnerships.

- Student schedules are flexible and may vary daily and weekly, based on the individual's needs and IEP goals.  As the student demonstrates proficiency in the community environments, hours of support will naturally decrease.

- Parents and family support is essential, active and cooperative.  Parents and family members are full participants in learning, planning, and training.