Field Geology! GEOL 495

This is the page for all information about the Adams State University Field Geology course.  Please click on the PDF file below for the complete promotional flyer with course information. 

Your experiences will include the following and more:
  • A great balance of size.
  • An intense hands-on class, very similar to professional fieldwork schedules you can expect when you do your own work.
  • Very cost-effective time spent learning field skills; your summer will still be available for employment when we are done.
  • Close attention to your skill development.
  • Classic localities to challenge you.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of fieldwork approaches (I was a very successful mine geologist for a decade-plus).
  • Guidance toward your developing interests in geology (I won't bias you with my areas of interest).
  • Opportunity for XRD analysis of samples you collect, done in time for your class reports.
  • We camp in established sites with showers and cook group meals. 

If you want catered meals and a bunk (found in more expensive courses), this course is not for you.  If you want to impress your new boss or thesis advisor with field skills learned from this course, then please consider the ASU field geology class.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions,


This is one of the greatest experiences in all of my educational endeavors.  This course was the most challenging, the most intensive, and yet at the same time the funnest experience I have had within the study of geology.  The extremely vast knowledge of the professor, Dr. Benson, makes this field camp more educational than just mapping and stratigraphy.  The evolution of the landscape and mapping areas plays a vital role in the understanding of why we map and make strat. columns. If I could or had to do field camp again I would do this all over again. Thank you Dr. Benson and Adams State University for the opportunity to be challenged as well as have the most fun a student can pack into field camp.

Ben, Adams State University

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