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What is the MATCH list?

The Terminated Merchant File (TMF) and Member Alert To Control High-Risk merchants list of MasterCard (MATCH List) are lists maintained by major credit card brands to inform member banks of merchants that have been terminated for cause or other wrongdoing.  Being listed on the TMF or MATCH file can put a merchant out of business. The purpose of this site is to provide some general information concerning TMF and MATCH listing as well as to describe some of the services offered by Adam Atlas Attorneys at Law
in assisting merchants with TMF and MATCH file issues.  We hope you find this site useful.

How long does a MATCH listing last?

5 years. Listings that are older than five (5) years are supposed to be automatically removed.

What rules govern MATCH listings?

The TMF/MATCH exits though the operation of the Rules of Visa and MasterCard

MATCH listings are governed, in part, through the MasterCard Security Rules and Procedures.

Can anyone be removed from MATCH?

You will NOT be removed from TMF/MATCH if you have committed fraud, not honored your obligations under your merchant agreement, incurred excessive chargebacks through your own poor risk management. You MIGHT be removed from TMF/MATCH if the listing was in error, or the excessive chargebacks were caused by your acquiring bank or processor.

Can I get help from a professional concerning my MATCH listing?

We would be pleased to assist in your potential removal from the TMF/MATCH, but we offer no guarantee as to any removal.  Most merchants listed on TMF/MATCH belong there and are unlikely to be removed. If, however, you are not one of those merchants, we may be able to help.  We will only work on your file if we believe we can add value to your situation.

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