Recent Adventures

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        Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a national organization with the purpose of promoting interest in physics to undergraduate students.  The ACU chapter of SPS combines a strong interest in physics with a faith based life.  This is seen through ACU SPS students tutoring local high school students, beginning of the year BBQ and Ultimate Frisbee games, weekly chapter meetings and chapel, presentations at state, national, and international conferences, and Make Your Own Pizza Nights.

Events this Semester

  • Summit Bake Sale - September 17
  • Movie Night - September 21
  • Science Cafe - September 27
  • Make your own pizza night - Oct 4
  • Pizza Inn Fundraiser - Oct 15
  • Texas Section Meeting - Oct 25 - 27
  • CEU - Oct 25 - 27
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Congress - Nov 8 - 10
  • Game Night - TBA
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Sonic Community Cards are available! Ask an officer for your cards!

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