Participants Needed for Research

 Social Support in Military Families

In conjuction with Abilene Christian University, I plan to explore the role of social support in military families. Criteria for inclusion into the study are veterans who have deployed or are currently deployed to a war zone, and their spouses/partners. Information gained by participants will be kept confidential and will remain in the hands of the researcher. The data collected in this study will be used to draw conclusions to help understand the environment of military families, work as a guide to explore treatment directions for PTSD, and explore the usefullness of existing programs. If you are in the military or if you know a military family that would qualify for the study, please feel free to pass on the links. There is a survey for the spouse/partner living with the veteran and a separate survey for the veteran. The links to the surveys are provided and should only take a short while to fill out. Thank you for helping. 


For any question that you may have about the research, please contact:


Joy A. Henderson
Psychology Graduate Student

Abilene Christian University      


Richard A. Beck, PhD

Abilene Christian University