Campaign Leaders

Leaders are vital to accomplishing the goals of Spring Break Campaigns (SBC). Without leaders, the student-lead aspect of the mission statement would be incomplete. Leaders possess the ability to make or break the attitudes of campaigns. For this reason, leaders undergo extensive training for the purpose of making SBC effective and intentional. To accomplish this mission, leaders and the SBC committee members work together to ensure an environment that seeks God's glory and His missional purpose. Leaders establish clear missional and intentional objectives for their respective campaigns that set a course each SBC.  We would like to thank all of our 2011 leaders for their commitment to our organization. 


Evan Hernandez
Kelsi Wicks

 Boston, MA

 Emily Hood
Jared Hodges
Millie Gonzalez

Chicago, IL
Kristian Travis
Laura Gasvoda

Denver, CO
Jacquie Harbour
Paul Sims
Costa Rica

 Brittany Armenta
James Sheppard

 Denver, CO

 Liz White
Rebekah Leitner

 Adam Schwalm
Morgan Sconiers

Michelle Nix
Chandler Schmidt


 Houston, TX
Abby Hill
Kasey Stratton
New Orleans, LA

 Alex Ketteman
Randee Nelson


 Tyler Allen
Meredith Platt

 Salem, OR

Caroline Conwell
Tate Stewart

 Seattle, WA

 Abigail Sutphen
Nick Tatum
St. Paul, MN
Scott Stewart
Veronica Whitt