During the spring break of 1976, a student named Max Lucado traveled with a group of students from ACU to aid Guatemalan village hit by an earthquake earlier that year.

Perhaps it was Lucado’s experiences on that trip to Guatemala that led him to sponsor a motion that the Students’ Association fund a trip to Des Moines, Iowa, the next year. This first official Spring Break Campaign did not meet expectations, however; only 74 participated of the estimated 200, and the unbudgeted $3500 that the campaign took from the SA account made spending tight for other groups for the rest of the year.

For the next three years, ACU continued to send campaigns to a single destination, and in 1980, Spring Break Campaigns grew to include St. Louis and Boston. The following year, the number of locations doubled again. By 1986, ACU was sending 251 students to 15 different cities across the United States.

Thirty years later, Spring Break Campaigns are still a flourishing part of student life at ACU. More than 500 students travel to over 30 locations across the globe during spring break, doing everything from building churches to entertaining children to feeding the homeless and spreading the love of Christ by serving others and shining His light into a darkened world.