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An archive of short films from the Arts Council, covering a range of British and international artists and movements. Shot by some of the most talented film-makers of the age (1953-1998), the archive also provides a record of film-making for this period.

A collection of films from 1900-2004 that can be used to explore British history. The films are accompanied by well written pieces, providing historical context.


A record of cartoons that have appeared in British newspapers from 1904 to the present day. Cartoons are often used to address more serious issues, and can provide a fascinating insight into British political, economic and social history. The archive can also be used to study a range of illustrative styles.


News, government papers, legislation and case law affecting young people in Britain. You can also find statistics, research, and information on benefits relating to young people.


Summary information, comment and analysis on key issues and publications relating to health and social care. You can also get access to articles from ten academic journals.

Digimap for Colleges

Access to Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain, including: detailed maps showing building outlines, street level, road atlas style and outdoor activities maps.

A collection of Philip Allan magazines covering a range of A level subjects

A-Level Law Review
Biological Sciences Review
Business Review
Chemistry Review

Economic Review
English Review
Geography Review
Modern History Review
PE Review
Physics Review
Politics Review
Psychology Review
RS Review
Sociology Review
Speak to your tutor or a member of library staff to gain access. 

A collection of videos, step-by-step guides and other resources, covering a range of topics including: how to cut, colour and style hair, helping clients select a hairstyle, and hair care.  


Access to historical documents, images, videos and articles, organised by ‘study units’ or topics.


Select 'Activate Learning' as the institution

Hundreds of articles on a wide range of issues affecting society today.


An historical news archive, comprising a collection of videos, images and audio clips, covering a vast array of topics and events.


Thousands of Printed Ephemera items offering unique insights into the changing nature of everyday life in Britain from the 18th-20th centuries. Categories include Nineteenth-Century Entertainment, the Booktrade, Popular Prints, Crimes, Murders and Executions, and Advertising.


Handy guides on a variety of topics, including buying and selling property, education and what to do when someone dies. There is also a local information section, with links to information about housing, transport, local politics and local history.

Nursery World is the leading title for everyone in the early years community, and first published in 1925. It provides an invaluable mix of the latest news, research and opinion plus best practice and management advice from the top experts in the sector.
It is essential reading for managers and practitioners involved in delivering early years education and childcare across the private, voluntary and public sectors.


Information on human anatomy and physiology, including: 3D images, interactive models, dissection slides, clinical case studies and more.


Search for author pages, bibliographies, links to criticism of the author and study guides for their works.


A complete collection of American Vogue issues. The archive can be searched by brand, fashion item, photographer or illustrator, person pictured or writer. This provides a fantastic record of American fashion, photography and media trends since 1892.

Search through a large range of major national newspapers and local news publications (including the Banbury Guardian), all via one search box.