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Top tips for job hunters

1. Get some work experience - Good grades just aren't enough anymore. To be successful and land the job you want, you will need to have real life experience of the business world. Work experience, internships or apprenticeships are great ways of gaining insight into the business world, while they also provide businesses with potential future employees.

 2. Find yourself a mentor - In the absence of suitable work placements, mentoring from an experienced professional in your chosen field can be just as valuable. Mentors can provide advice, insight, introductions and feedback on everything from interviews to CVs. They will often act as a guiding hand through the early stages your career. For mentors themselves, the experience of giving back should be incredibly rewarding.

 3. Learn to network - The old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is, for better or for worse, still true today. Whilst you will not land a job on the strength of your relationships alone, who you know can often help enormously. At the very least you are more likely to hear of jobs on the grapevine that may not be widely advertised.

4. Think about additional skills - Any extra skills will be a valuable string to your bow. Make sure you take part in all enrichment and entrepreneurial activities. In the early days of building a CV you need to find strengths in the activities and challenges you face outside of the working world.

 5. Be clever with social media – Take as much care of your Facebook profile as you do of your Linkedin profile. Businesses across the board (of all sizes) are  not ignoring the digital footprint of potential candidates. You should be one step ahead of your potential employer in this. After all, you've grown up with social media – we’re just getting to grips with it!