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From jeans to bell-bottom pants, humans claimed to evolve. Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors had ruled here, and now people are so excited to know and applying different techniques in search of their forefathers. You might pay a visit to your local museum and search for your ancestors but get nothing. But, your end seems to come if you follow the right track by visiting

Ancestry DNA helps you solve the problem and tells you more about your ancestors connecting through ethnic roots. Ancestry DNA applies basic techniques to search the origin of your DNA, historical viewpoints and then collect the current DNA samples from the list. Your ancestors or new family connection may match around the globe and get a chance to meet them. Just go to the website and find your ancestors just sitting at home.

Steps to Sign in to and out your Ancestry Account

How to Sign In your Ancestry Account

➔ Go to the website link:

➔ Click on the Ancestry Sign in option.

➔ You will see a new page, type your username and password and choose sign in.

➔ If you have forgot your password, then provide your registered email id. A link will be sent to your email id, and click on the link to reset your password.

➔ For two-step verification, type the verification code and click Submit.

➔ For regular users, you can also select Remember this device.

How to Sign out your Ancestry Account

➔ Go to the ancestry login.

➔ Click on your name appears at the top-right corner of your screen.

➔ Choose Sign out.

Tips to Activate Ancestry DNA Kit

Along with gathering information about your forefathers, you can also track the status of your ethnic roots. Create an account on and enter your activation code. Know how to activate your Ancestry DNA account. See the below steps:

➔ Open your system and paste the link on your browser:

➔ Stay on the same page, choose sign in to your account, and then click Yes.

➔ For new users, first, make an account and then sign in.

➔ Click option Next.

➔ Check whether you have received a 15-digit verification code through your tube or instruction packet. If yes, enter the activation code carefully. Don’t use hyphen (-).

➔ Click the Next option.

➔ Click on your name if you are activating the kit for yourself.

➔ Click on the My Child option if you are activating a kit for a child.

➔ Fill in your Date of Birth and Gender on the new screen and click Next.

➔ Under the DNA Processing Consent page, see the bottom of your screen. Choose the Review and Consent Option.

➔ Click on the Next.

➔ You will have an option to store your sample to ancestry. If you want, select I Give the Consent option. Your DNA matches will be able to see your name, username, location, ethnicity, cultural origins, and more. You can select any one and click Next.

➔ If not, then click on the other options available on the screen. You can also change this later.

➔ Allow your DNA matches to see your regions and communities estimates under the Ethnicity Estimate Display. Click Show my complete ethnicity estimate and community.

➔ Want to receive your Kit status, then click Yes, and if not, click on No.

➔ You need to provide a contact number after clicking on the Yes button.

➔ At last, select the Review section to check all the information. Once checked, choose the Submit and Activate option.

How to use Ancestry DNA Kit?

Visit the website, make an account, and activate your kit. Below are the steps to use Ancestry DNA Kit.

➔ Collect your DNA ( ¼ teaspoon of your saliva) sample.

➔ Remove the funnel cap to mix the DNA solution better with your saliva.

➔ Help in mix the solution better with your saliva.

➔ Pack the solution carefully in the collection bag provided to you with your Ancestry DNA Kit.

➔ Place the collection box and parcel it

➔ Wait for your results from the Ancestry DNA.

Tips to Delete Ancestry Account

➔ Sign in to the website using a username and password.

➔ Along with your account, a list of subscriptions will also be deleted.

➔ Click on Your Trees icon.

➔ Select DNA Test Results and click Next Step.

➔ A new box will open, and click on Next Step. All your test results, personal data will be deleted in 30 days. If you close the box, you need to enter a verification code from your registered email.

➔ Open your mailbox. You must have received a verification code. You need to enter the code on the box. The verification code will expire in eight hours.

➔ Click Delete Account.


Who offers Ancestry DNA?

Ancestry DNA is presented to people by Ancestry International DNA, LLC. It is a member of the Ancestry family.

How to cancel Ancestry DNA Membership?

Go to the Website > Membership section > Cancel Membership.