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Ancestry DNA kit enables you to travel back to your past. So, if you want to find out your true origin and beginnings of your ancestors, then you can feel free to utilize the Ancestry DNA kit. Dig in more about this genetic technology. You will find out that the Ancestry DNA kit enlightens you much more about you and your family origins than merely alluding to prosaic geographical locations. If you wonder how the kit would do that, you can understand it in simple terms that it uses scientific research data and historical viewpoints to perfection and lets you travel back to your past. The kit will inform you about the places your ancestors have visited and also connect with kinfolk you have never seen in your life. Do you want to know exciting places you have never visited but your ancestors have already been to? If yes, then you should use the Ancestry DNA kit. Now, if you want to know more about the kit and the technology associated with it, then you must visit the website: "ancestrydna.com/activate" for activation.

Procedure to Ancestry Sign-in

    1. Before moving forward with the Ancestry DNA kit activation, it is imperative to create a sign-in account, and for that, open your browser and reach the activation site: "ancestrydna.com/activate" or "www.ancestry.com/dna/activate."

    2. If you have been here before and you already possess an Ancestry DNA account, then use the login id and password to enter into your account. Proceed to press the hyperlink "Sign in" and present your login information in the instructed field.

    3. If you are a fresher, then look towards the hyperlink "Create a free account." Hit on it and then proceed to generate your login credentials.

    4. Fill in all the blank fields carefully, accept "Terms & Conditions," and then you are free to use your engendered login credentials to enter into your DNA Ancestry account.

Points to Remember Before Ancestry Kit Activation

    1. One of the primary things you should keep in mind before taking measures to activate your DNA kit is that once you activate your account, your account, by default, gets in synchronization with your DNA Ancestry account. Hence, it is imperative to generate your login account first before doing anything else. You can use the activation link "www.ancestrydna.com/activate" or "ancestry.com/dna/activate" for the sign-in process. You can refer to the previous section for guidance. If you want to know about the kit in general, then kindly visit the site: "www.ancestry.com/dna/activate" or "ancestrydna.com/activate."

    2. Activation codes are the things with utmost importance, along with your login id. Users should write the activation code somewhere safe and secure for future use until they receive their test results.

    3. You should always be wary that the company cannot process your DNA sample if you haven't activated your kit. So, the activation procedure is also quite important.

    4. Only one kit can synchronize to a single account at a time.

    5. A user has to create a different email address if his or her email address is in use for a solitary account.

Procedure to Activate Ancestry DNA Kit

    1. Open your browser.

    2. Reach the activation link by using the URL window. You can use the following links for activation: "ancestrydna.com/activate" or "ancestry.com/activate."

    3. Now, you will be asked whether you are signed in to your account or not. Feel free to press "Yes," if you think you are logged into your account; otherwise, you will have to click on the "No" option.

    4. After clicking on the "No," option, proceed to sign in to your account.

    5. After you make certain that you have signed into your account, press the "Next" option.

    6. Present your activation code in the appropriate instructed field.

    7. Now, you need to specify the person who is using the kit. You will see your name; click on it if it is you who is using it. Otherwise, click on other options such as "Kid" or a "Friend."

    8. Reach the next page, and click on your gender option. Also, present your "Date of Birth" accurately.

    9. Press the "Next" option.

    10. Now, wait till the "DNA Processing Prompt" arrives on your screen. Then, click on the option "Review and Consent."

    11. Select the "Next" option.

    12. On the next page, you can specify whether you want to be seen by your kinfolks or not. Sometime later, if you want, you can change this preference easily.

    13. Suppose you have clicked on the "Yes" option in the previous step. Now, you need to specify how many details you want to showcase about yourself. You can click on the appropriate option to display your ethnicity, location, and cultural origins. You can feel free to hide all of this information. Now, if you had pressed "No" in the previous step, then this page will not be shown to you.

    14. Now, Ancestry DNA can also send updates with regards to your DNA test. If you want to receive regular updates, then you can arrive on the next page and specify it by clicking on the "Yes" button. After that, proceed to give your accurate mobile number. You can also click on the "No" tab and move ahead.

    15. Similarly, Ancestry DNA can also send weekly updates regarding your DNA matches directly to your email address if you want it to. After giving your mobile, you will be asked about your preference pertaining to email updates on the next page. Press "Yes" or "No" according to your choice. And, if you have clicked on "Yes," then you have to present your email address.

    16. A user is also free to check the status of the test by pressing the "DNA" option given at the beginning of any website associated with DNA Ancestry and selecting the option titled "Your DNA Results Summary."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I recover my lost DNA account password?

A. Reach the activation website ancestrydna.com/activate. Press "Sign in," and then "Forgot Password." Afterward, adhere to the instructions the website offers you.

Q. Is Ancestry DNA any good?

A. Yes, it is the best DNA kit for genealogy and cultural heritage.

Q. How does Ancestry DNA technology work?

A. Ancestry DNA kit utilizes something called an "autosomal DNA test" that searches for a person's entire genome at over 700,000 geographical locations spread all across the world.