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Every individual carries a different set of genetic variants that makes him unique. DNA has genetic guidelines for the functioning, reproduction, and growth of living organisms. In short, it narrates the complete story of your fitness, health, and nutrition. Know how much you are vulnerable to ancestry or hereditary health risks by activating an AncestryDNA Kit through

Activating an Ancestry DNA Kit

Before you begin the activation process of the ancestry DNA kit, you need to take care of these few things, which are:

● Create your Ancestry account using an email address and password at

● Once you activate your ancestry account at, you need to keep your activation code safe until you have received your DNA test results.

● Every adult going for the test must activate an ancestry DNA kit in their ancestry account at

● You can activate only one DNA kit at a time.

● The DNA tests for minor children are the exception to this rule.

activate ancestry dna kit

Now, you can begin activating an AncestryDNA Kit

Here are the steps you require to follow:

● Click on in the web browser.

● Tap 'Yes' if you have already signed in to your AncestryDNA sign-in account.

● Tap 'No' if you have not signed in to your account.

● Here, you need to Sign-in with 'my ancestry sign-in' to activate your ancestry DNA kit.

● Then, tap 'Next.'

● After entering your activation code, tap 'Next.'

● You can find the activation code printed on your instruction and tube packet.

● If you want to activate the DNA kit for yourself, then tap on your name.

● Then, tap 'Next.'

● If you want to activate a DNA kit for your minor child, then follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

● Now, enter the year of your birth and choose the gender.

● Tap 'Next'.

● Go through the consent processing for the DNA test.

● Choose 'Review and Consent.'

● If you tap on 'Decline to give consent, then it will stop activating your kit.

● Tap 'Next'.

● Then, tap on 'I give consent' to store your DNA sample with Ancestry.

● Tap 'I do not give consent' if you are not willing to store it.

● Tap 'Next'.

● Go through the Informed Consent.

● Choose 'I have read the Informed Consent.

● You can tap either on 'I give consent' or 'I do not give consent.

● Tap 'Next'.

● If you want to see your DNA matches and listed it as a match, tap 'Yes.'

● If you don't want to see it or seen by your matches, tap 'No.'

● Then, tap 'Next.'

● If you don't want your biological family to see your results, tap 'No.'

● You can tap 'Yes' if you want your biological family to see you and to be seen by you.

● You can enable your preferences whenever you want at

● If you want people related to you to view your name, then tap your 'Name.'

● Tap on your 'Username' if you want people related with a view of your username.

● Tap 'Next'.

● You can't find this option at if chosen not to be listed as the DNA match.

● If you allow others to see your complete cultural, geographic, and ethnic origins, everyone, including communities, will view your details.

● Choose the option 'Show my complete ethnicity estimate and communities' if you want people related to you to view all the communities and regions in your ethnicity estimates.

● Choosing the option 'Show only what we have in common,' restricts viewing your ethnicity estimates to only regions and communities you find familiar.

● Go to the Kit Notification tab through Tap 'Yes' to receive the latest updates about your kit's status.

● Tap 'No' if you don't want that.

● Tap 'Yes' to enter your mobile number in the given field.

● Tap 'Next'.

● Tap 'Yes' to get the latest emails about the relatives and recent information based on your DNA results.

● Tap 'No’ if you don't want such emails.

● Tap Next.

● Review your entered information in the Review tab.

● Tap 'Submit and activate.'

● Choose 'Your DNA Results Summary' and check your DNA kit's status anytime at on the DNA tab's top page.