Welcome to
Mrs. Mann's Math and Science Class!

Please encourage your child to find real examples of math in the world around them! Math is everywhere! 

I am very proud of my math students this year! Most of them have really grown in their mathematical problem solving abilities and have made great gains as evidenced by our last MAP test. Please continue reviewing and practicing multiplication facts during the summer so that your child can keep fluency as this will be very important in fourth grade. 
    Welcome to our class website! Here you can view our newsletter, visit my favorite links, and stay up-to-date on what is happening in math and science class where "Nothing Could be Finer that Learning in Carolina!" If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact information below. Enjoy the site!  
Thank you to all our students and families for all of the wonderful goodies and gifts that you sent to us! We are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness! The best gift is being able to share each learning day with your child! 

Your child can log into Study Island at home and do the same lessons that we are working on at school. Your child knows his/her username and password. The login is under school even if you are working on it at home. We are working hard to make an "E" on each standard. Every time a student completes a lesson his/her session score comes up. These session scores are averaged for the score on the main menu. It may take several times for your child to pull his/her average up to an "E" on the main menu page. This means that he/she has mastered this standard for studyisland. 

Please remember that you can access your child's grades and on-going average on the Parent Portal. We sent usernames and passwords for each student with our progress reports last year.If you need a new copy, please contact the front office. Volunteer forms are available in the front office. To attend field trips on the bus as a chaperone, one must be on the "Approved Volunteer" list which requires a background check. 

Way to go to DHES! We scored a 100 on the federal school report card and received a grade of A+!!!! We are very proud of our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community for helping us reach this amazing goal!!! :) All schools in Abbeville Scored an "A." This is an awesome accomplishment! Check out the state department website to see how well we did! :)Only 11 out of 82 districts scored an "A" and we are one of them!! This is even more impressive as we were predicted to score a "C." Way to go Abbeville! We also received a rating of "Excellent" on our state report card! Another good tidbit: We have been chosen as one of the three top Title One schools in the state!!! 

Please send in Box Tops for Education! We want to win the contest and earn a reward!

Please continue to check your child's binder and agenda for HW assignments and upcoming events/tests. Students should complete HW alone and then have a parent/adult check over it. Thanks for all of your help! Please continue to send in Box Tops! :) The class that brings in the most boxtops between now and April will win an ice cream party. Help us win!
Have a great week!
 Also check out the new link added to the bottom of my Favorite Link Tab-Power My Learning. This can be a fun way to keep your child learning at home! You can create a free account as a parent and search various topics of study with your child! Have Fun! Students can also sign in to "Read-N-Quiz" on my Links tab and take tests on books they have read. Students earn points if they pass the test and Mrs. King allows them to "purchase" prizes each nine weeks with their points. 

Every effort will be made to keep updated information on our site. However, it is always the student's responsibility to have all assignments written before they leave school. Failure to have an assignment posted here does NOT excuse a student for not having this assignment.

Mrs. Mann
Planning: 9:30-10:10
Phone: 864.446.2600

We will work with many science concepts and participate in activities during class to strengthen our knowledge and science skills.  Most of our lessons will be hands-on explorations so please remind your child to participate. Please encourage your child to observe things in the world around them and find science everywhere! Hands-on lessons and explorations will be checked using rubrics and we will complete some science activities for daily grades. 

We will be using objects, and many science tools. I have also planned many visitors and in-depth physical science explorations after state-wide testing. This will include an in-school field trip with (permission slip will come home after spring break) Roper Mountain and their Science on Wheels as well as lessons with J. Mountford of the Clemson Extension Office. Many of these lessons will include matter and electricity. We will also have crayfish after testing and these special creatures will help us learn even more about animal adaptations and will give us an opportunity to apply all the science process skills that we have worked with all year. Please check the newsletter for details.