AHS Panther Yearbook

Have you reserved your copy of the 
2018 AHS Panther yearbook?

Yearbooks are $75 each until 9/8
See Mr. Bannister to order. 
As little as a $10 deposit reserves your copy and locks your price at the lower rate.

The 2018 yearbook editor-in-cheif is Savannah Cade.

There are a few copies of the
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
AHS Panther yearbooks
available for purchase for $75 each.

  There are also copies of yearbooks from various years  beginning in the late 1980s available for purchase for    $75 each. 

Contact Mr. Land, the prior yearbook adviser, to purchase and/or inquire about availability.

Parents, do you want to
celebrate your senior's accomplishments
with a 
in the 2018 yearbook?

Information about senior ads was distributed to students at the September 1 senior meeting.

Contact Mr. Bannister at 366-5916 or pbannister@acsdsc.org to order your senior's ad for the yearbook.

Order and turn in all materials by October 21
to get the
lower pricing. 

You can also order your ad online. Go to
and click on
Yearbook Recognition Ads
to place your order.