Welcome and thank you for visiting the AESD Human Resources website.

The vision of AESD is simple, but powerful:

Together we create a service-oriented culture of excellence where success for each student and all relationships reflect our core values."

In support of our vision, the goal of Human Resources is to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and staff who are committed to preparing our students for success in today's world.

AESD employs over 1,700 people of diverse backgrounds, experience, and training who provide a quality education and support to all of our students.  The Human Resources staff is here to provide support and strong customer service to our current and prospective employees.

Human Resources is also committed to providing a rewarding career to all employees.  Among AESD's highlights:
  • Among the highest compensation for certificated, classified, and management.
  • Generous benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Safe working and learning environments.
  • Ongoing opportunities for professional development.
  • Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Induction Program-a two year induction and support program for first and second year teachers.
  • Rigorous educational program based upon academic standards.
  • Innovative and research-based curriculum and support materials.
  • Schools which are well-maintained and equipped with innovative technology to support both students and employees.
  • Friendly, caring, and competent staff and leadership.
This website is designed to provide information to both current and prospective employees, provide up-to-date forms and other resources, and help to connect employees with support within the department.  We welcome you to browse the website and contact any of us should you have questions.

Luis Camarena
Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources