ACSD Education Foundation

Welcome to the Anaheim City School District Education Foundation

At the ACSD Education Foundation, our mission is to help every child in the Anaheim City School District achieve academic success.  We pursue this mission by securing seed capital for innovations in learning and by fostering city-wide support for excellence in schools.

At the core of our beliefs is the idea - one that is backed by ample research - that raising a high bar for all students benefits all students.  High achievers and struggling students alike respond to the demands of rigorous expectation.  We support high expectations and are committed to helping those students that need assistance clearing the bar.

As an independent nonprofit organization, we act as a constructive partner to Anaheim City School District.  We champion change and help drive effective strategies that will increase student achievement.  We are focused on innovations that will help students learn and grow.

The ACSD Education Foundation board share a vision of a city unified in helping all children fulfill their potential as learners.  As we work toward that vision, we look to five core values that guide our investments, our community partnerships, and our daily operations.

We hold ourselves accountable to the goals that we establish in conjunction with our funders and partners.

 We are committed to working closely with partners, Anaheim City School District first among them, and believe that only through close partnership can we advance academic achievement.

We believe that all students, in every neighborhood, should have access to an outstanding education and the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

We support bold ideas that advance academic achievement for students.

We believe outstanding student achievement, staff excellence and strong community partnerships should be honored.

Why support the ACSD Education Foundation?
  • Raises funds for extraordinary activities
  • Provides donors tax advantages
  • Opens doors for student opportunities
  • Because excellent school enhance communities