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Hello to you all,

    Strong and proud...Anderson High School has maintained these characteristics for many years. 
Although the faces and buildings have changed several times among students and staff, the one 
constant factor has been the elements of tradition, spirit, and a commitment to represent our 
community proudly.

    With excellence in student achievement, Anderson High School has become known for academic excellence with 22 AP/Dual Credit offerings. But even amongst our growth, AHS's mindset and values have remained true to continued integrity, relationship building, academic achievement, co-curricular, and extra-curricular participation and successes. Tradition is created; not inherited. Many years ago a dedicated group of educators, inspired students, and community members created a foundation, one strong enough to endure decade’s worth of change, new ideas, altered demographics, state-mandates, and phenomenal growth. Countless staff members have built upon this foundation and have improved what AHS offers its students; similarly, AHS students have continued to "rise to the occasion" over the years, striving to remain on top academically, athletically, and socially in campus activities, clubs, and community events.

    Tradition is an amazing facet of education. It makes it harder to give up in times of trial. 
Anderson High School is virtually on the "tipping point" in many areas and as a result, many 
new traditions have recently been established and will continue to develop as we work, and 
collaborate with staff members and students. AHS is a remarkable place to spend four years 
learning, and a great place to make a difference for students. Please continue to be a participant 
in your child’s education. We strive for “A Culture of Excellence” as we intentionally prepare 
every student to have an array of viable options at the conclusion of their AHS educational 

    One last new tradition and motto is that we take Anderson, Loyalty, Pride and Dedication 
(ALPD) in everything we do. 

We are Anderson!


Alexander Brandon
Anderson High School
“Forever Proud, Forever Strong, Forever Indian”


  • Seniors - The Lilly Scholarship Application is now available in the Counseling office. 2 Madison County students will be awarded the full tuition and fees scholarship, renewable for 4 years at an Indiana College or university. Eligibility requirements include a minimum SAT score of 1650 or ACT composite score of 24 or above, and a 3.75 GPA. Please see Mrs. Maggard for more information.
  • Students - information regarding Summer programs, including Pre-College programs, is available in the Counseling Office. Stop by and check out the various opportunities that are available! This does not include ACS Summer School.