Policy on Harassment on the Basis of Disability or Sex

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Tenth Street Elementary School

Tenth Street Eagles are good citizens. We are respectful, responsible, trustworthy, fair, and we care.
Upcoming Events for 10th St. Elementary:
May 29 Last Student Day and Field Day
June 2 IRead test for 3rd graders 8:30-11:30
July 14 Back to School Event at Shadyside Park 3pm-6pm
August 4, First student day
We need your support
Tenth Street is trying to teach responsibility to our students and to be grown up girls and boys by walking themselves to their classroom in the morning without their parents.  Please help us teach responsibility and independence to our students by signing them in at the office then allowing them to walk themselves to their classroom.  This also builds self-esteem with students that they are capable of getting around the school building on their own.

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