At ACS(Barker Road), we aim to provide a unique ACS(BR) education that nurtures future ready leaders or movers of society who will be equipped with 21st Century Competencies and distinctive dispositions to thrive and progress in the future. 

ACS(BR) prides itself as a nurturing ground for talents. That said, we do not just focus on the best and the outstanding, instead we believe that every student has a talent in one or more areas. With passion, opportunities and development programmes, our students’ talents will be more fully manifested. Through the ACS(BR) Talent Development Programme (TDP), we will help our students discover their talents and develop them further by exposing them to a myriad of programmes and activities. 


With over 60 TDP activities and 500 opportunities for all students listed on the TDP site, students can sign up via the online registration form available on the site. It also contains information on the various TDP activities in ACS(BR), sorted according to their key domains: 
1. Leadership
2. Cognitive
3. Aesthetic
4. Physical
5. Entrepreneurship / OM / DI


Stage 1: Awareness 

- All TDP activities are listed on this site. Students are strongly encouraged to choose TDP activities that they are interested in and willing to commit to. They can also find out more information of the activities from the relevant Teacher Mentors. 

- Students are strongly encouraged to not sign up for more than what they can manage and to ensure that the TDP activities they sign up for do not clash in terms of timing. 

- This list is not exhaustive. There may be other TDP activities and opportunities available throughout the course of the year. Regular updates will be emailed to students and made available on this site too. 

Stage 2: Ownership 

- Each student can sign up for up to a maximum of three TDP activities via the level google form. 

- Level google form: Students have to provide reasons for their choice(s) of TDP activity, i.e. elaborate on their strengths, relevant previous experiences, how they can contribute to this TDP activity etc. 

Stage 3: Selection Process 

- Based on the sign-up and reasons provided, Teacher Mentors will then invite short-listed candidates for possible interviews or auditions. 

- Students will be kept informed of the selection outcome by Teacher Mentors. 

Stage 4: Developmental Process 

- Selected students will undergo training with Teacher Mentors for the various competitions / activities. 

- All participations & achievements will be recorded as part of the students’ CCA record.