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Food and Nutrition

Vision: To develop a well rounded individual with essential life skills which are applicable to improving the quality of one’s personal life.

Mission: To impart knowledge, develop skills and nurture attitudes in Food & Consumer Education and Food & Nutrition for the well-being of self, family and community.


The syllabus aims for Food and Nutrition are

  • To develop students’ understanding of the principles and concept of a balanced diet in meal planning.

  • To develop students’ understanding of the relationship between nutrition and health.

  • To develop students’ understanding of the importance of making informed food choices regarding a healthy diet.

  • To develop students’ understanding of the principles of food science.

  • To equip students with the knowledge of the scientific principles underlying food preparation, processing and safety.

Subject content & Assessment

Written Paper Component - To test students’ knowledge of theory and practice in accordance with assessment objectives.

Format of written paper:

  • Section A: Short-answer type questions

  • Section B: Structured type questions

  • Section C: Open-ended type questions (essay)

Coursework Component - To test students’ ability to apply a range of process skills, such as the ability to synthesise knowledge and evaluate the outcome of a completed task.

Coursework Folio Part A

Students will be given a task question where they need to analyse, plan and carry out research in which they ask questions and examine issues, gather, record, collate, interpret and evaluate data.

Coursework Folio Part B

Students are required to construct an experiment. Students are required to select and use appropriate methods/techniques to produce and conclude the results of their experiment.

Subject syllabus




Lower Secondary Food & Consumer Education (FCE)


  • A new syllabus, replacing Home Economics

  • Emphasis of new syllabus is on two core areas of study:  

    • Food Studies

    • Consumer studies

  • Designed to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and future. 

  • Also to focus on how individuals and families can optimize their resources in terms of food, finance and time to meet physical, mental, social and economic needs.

Subject syllabus -

Module Websites

As our Sec 2 to 4/5 levels are on 1:1 learning, we have developed websites for each module, to help our students learn with their learning devices and additional learning resources beyond their books and notes.

For parents / public, please note that you will not be able to view some of the links such as google doc / spreadsheet / mindmap / wallwisher etc as you will require permission from the author(s) of these materials, to be able to view them.

These are basically the students' work so if you need to view your child's work, you can simply ask him to show you his work via his school gmail account. Thank you!

Sec 1 FCE:

Upper Sec Food & Nutrition: