Science is being taught as the following in ACS (Barker Road):

1. Lower Secondary Science

2. Upper Secondary Pure Biology 

3. Upper Secondary Pure Chemistry 

4. Upper Secondary Pure Physics 

5. Upper Secondary Combined Science (Chemistry/Physics)

The Science department has designed a 4-years curriculum framework where the topics are rearranged to be taught in a more sequential flow to allow students to be constantly challenged with 'O' Levels demands throughout their 4 or 5 years studies. The Science department also uses Understanding by Design (UbD), Inquiry-based learning and authentic teaching to help our students develop a sense of interest in the Sciences, to be able to apply their learning and to master the concepts. 

In support of the Science curriculum, there is also a Talent Development Programme in place to focus on maximizing the students' individual potentials, through different programmes such as workshops, seminars, competitions being conducted. We hope that every student would be able to discover his area(s) of interest and talent in Science and would be encouraged to develop in these area(s) through this programme.