Physical Education


Every ACS(BR) Gentleman is Physically Educated


Mission for Physical Education

To develop every ACS(BR) Gentleman into a physically educated person who is able to demonstrate competency in learning game concepts, motor skills and to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Goals & Objectives of PE 

• Pupils apply movement concepts to the learning and development of motor skills

• Pupils apply game concepts (thinking skills) in the participation of games

• Pupils develop character (school values and servant leadership) and Social Emotional (SE) competencies through the participation of physical activities

• Pupils participate regularly and actively safely in physical activities and exhibit a comprehensive understanding of a healthy lifestyle

Learning Outcomes

 • Learn about healthy lifestyle and physical fitness

 • Acquire game concepts and motor skills through exposure in games

 • Develop Character and SE competencies and take on leadership positions


The PE lessons (physical & theory) are planned using Understanding by Design (UbD). The department adopts a games concept approach (GCA), sports education model (SEM) and direct instruction pedagogies in the delivery of PE lessons.