The ACS (Barker Road) Mathematics Department aims to provide a nurturing and stable environment to promote the students' learning, understanding and enjoyment of the subject, and create fond memories of learning experiences so that they will fulfill their mathematical potential and have a life-long interest in Mathematics.


The ACS (Barker Road) Mathematics Department aims to enable students to acquire mathematical skills and to provide opportunities for them to use these skills to undertake problem solving with confidence, enjoyment and success.


At the end of their four to five years sojourn, all students will develop:

• a confident and positive attitude to mathematics;  
• an adequate and appropriate grounding in numeracy; 
• a willingness and ability to work independently and as a team;  
• an understanding of the importance of mathematics in the world around them;  
• an ability to understand mathematical ideas and to co
mmunicate them in a variety of ways; 

• an ability to apply mathematical principles and concepts across the curriculum, which will lay the solid foundation for higher learning. 

Mathematics is an essential component of the education for all students regardless of ability. Students need a good knowledge of Mathematics as it promotes rational and logical thinking through the progressive development of conceptual understanding and analytical skills. As a creative and live subject, its functionality extends to everyday life where a range of practical, real life problems are tackled, which eventually prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of adult life.

This is a site for Maths teachers of ACS(BR) to share documents, ideas, experiences, 
and anything under the sun with one another.

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