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The English Department’s vision is to nurture critical thinkers who are well read and confident communicators. In line with the school's goal of shaping the ACS gentleman, the Department seeks to hone the students' public speaking skills besides helping him to read and write effectively.


English Language

In our English Language programme, we provide opportunities for our young gentlemen to improve their reading and writing skills.  Through the infusion of ICT and Thinking Skills, we hope that students can appreciate the subtleties of the language and be precise in their expression.  This is supported by an Oral Communication programme run by our very own teachers, which exposes our gentlemen to the world around him.


English Literature

In English Literature, our teachers aim to nurture our pupils' appreciation of literary works. We seek not just to teach for the exams but to impart the love for the language and an appreciation of the beauty of the English Language found in great literary texts.


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