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Task 1: Make a Video!

In this task, you will learn how to use PhotoBooth to create a 30 second video of yourself.

You can follow the steps listed below or watch a video to start:

Photo Booth

Step 1: Start Photo Booth

Click on the spotlight icon on the top right hand corner of your screen. Type in "Photo Booth".  You will find the Application "Photo Booth" appearing. Click on "Photo Booth"

Step 2: Select the Video Function

Photo Booth allows you to create videos or take photos using the built-in camera. Click on the "Video" icon  .

Step 3: Select an Effect

Photo Booth allows you to have different effects on your video.  Click on the "Effects" button. Select any effect you like.

Step 4: Take a Video of yourself

Take a 30 second video of yourself. Click on the icon 
After 3 seconds, the video will start recording.

In your video, say:
"I am {name}"
"I am from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) class {class} and I am passionate about {say 1 thing that you are passionate about and tell us why}"

Do not worry about the length of your video. Make it interesting. Tell us who you are!

Click on  to end recording.

Your video will now appear below

Step 5: Export your video to your desktop.

Right click on the video and click on "Export"

Give your video a name. Choose to export it to your desktop

COMPLETED: Well Done. You have created your first video using Photo Booth.
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Task 2: Online Discussion Tool

Online discussion forums allow many users to contribute ideas on a virtual board. They allow you to post a message, insert images and post videos to answer a question that the teachers want you to think about.
Try it out. Click on the link to Linoit. Post a response to the questions posed in the Linoit board. No sign-in is required.

Topic: How can we instill values and build character in our children? 
As a parent, what is the one thing that you want your son to learn? What is the one value that you want him to live out? Share with us why you think it is important. Can you give us concrete examples how you have engaged your son to have this value. Or share with us how you have tried to impart that value and build his character.

Task 3: Feedback with Google Spreadsheet & Google Forms

Please fill in the form below.

1:1 Programme Workshop for Parents

Setting Parental Controls (For parents who are not able to attend workshop)

Watch these videos on how to set the parental controls on Mac

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