#4 The Green City Project

This June holidays, the Sec 1 cohort will be embarking on the Green City Project as part of a Mathematics assignment
They have to plan a green city and build models of buildings to scale.

Students are expected to work in groups for 4 - 6 hrs for this project. The emphasis is on Maps and Scales.
They will need to submit their prototype at the end of Term 3 Week 1.

Here are some pictures of the boys working on their project:

Project Brief

You have just graduated from an architectural course. You have landed yourself a job in an architectural firm. Together with other junior architects, you have been given your first project.

1.     As a class, you are to become city planners and build a model of a city. The city shall comprise of the following buildings:

·     A police station + 2 HDB flats (25 floors)

·     A school + 2 HDB flats (12 floors)

·     A sports complex (with at least 3 different sports)

·     A church + 2 HDB flats (40 floors)

·     A hospital + 2 HDB flats (10 floors)

·     A transport hub + 2 HDB flats (40 floors)

·     A fire station + landed property (Terrence houses and semi-detached houses)

·     A shopping mall + 2 HDB flats (12 floors)

.   An airport control tower + 2 terminals (for NA class only)

  A theme park with 3 attractions (for NA class only)

Each building is to be built on a A3 sized board. At the end, all the boards are to be joined together to form a rectangular city. 

2.     You will be split into groups of 4s or 5s and assigned lot of land to build up. In each group, you will have to assign a Leader, Secretary, Lead Architect and Lead Researcher. 

3.     Your group will be assessed according to certain criteria. Please refer to Annex 4 for the rubrics.

        You are expected to do each of these following: -

        a) Keep a e-journal for your progress

        b) Construct a model of your land parcel

        c) Write up for your model (max 200 words)

        d) Prepare a 5 minutes presentation to your Chief (aka Math teacher).

4.     Each group will be given a bag containing materials for the construction of their building. You are to only use these materials in your construction. Any additional items used (e.g figurines, trees) will not add to your marks. 

Before you proceed with the construction, please take note of some challenges:

a)     In order for the city to be built to scale, buildings have to be proportional in size relative to the surrounding buildings. Do discuss as a class how this can be achieved.

b)     Study carefully the rubrics to know what to focus on.

c)     Materials given to you are limited. Please use them only for the final build-up. It would be good to construct the first draft on your building using your own material, e.g. vanguard.

Finally, when in doubt, please check with your Chief City Planner, i.e. your Math teacher.

Have fun and All the Best!