#3 Cyberwellness Exhibition to ACS (Pri)

On the 23rd May, the entire sec 1 level went out to ACS (Pri) to conduct a CyberWellness Exhibition for their Primary 4 juniors.

290 Primary 4 boys participated in the event.

The sec 1 cohort took 5 months to prepare for the exhibition. They study real world case studies on CyberWellness issues  and wrote expository essays in their English lessons. In their Mother Tongue lessons, they wrote emails recounting a story of a victim of cyber bully. From their research, they understand deeper about issues such as cyberbullying, social media and gaming addiction.

10 of the student's work were selected to be printed in an Adventure Journal that was used in the exhibition to help Primary school students understand the pros and cons of using the internet.

The exhibition is a mentoring programme in which everyone of our Sec 1 students partnered another primary 4 students as their Exhibition Guide. They facilitated the case studies and asked the primary school students questions to test their understanding.

The boys have made an impact to others. Please read the comments and feedback from the participants of the exhibition and the notes of appreciation from the parents.

From Primary 4 Participants
  • I have learned that there are rules to follow and not hit the limit of using social network
  • I learnt not to play too many games and not to play games all the time. We should not cyber bully
  • I have leant to control my time on gaming. I have learnt what are the outcomes if I continue the path of gaming
  • I have learnt that we should not be addicted to online games. I also should not surf the internet so much as I might find addictive games and videos. I would tell my friends who are addicted to delete the game, close the Facebook page and inform his parents/police
  • I have learnt about ways to manage excessive gaming and about cyberwellness. If I had a friend who was cyber-bullied. I would advise him to tell his parents and don't feel stressed
  • We should not play computer for too long or too much. I will ask my friend to stop going online or spend little time on the computer
  • I learnt that the internet is not safe. I learnt that game items bought sell remains the intellectual property of the game publishers
  • Online social backgrounds pose a threat. Cyberbullying is bad. Get help before starting an addictive game. I learnt many things about cyberwellness such as what to do when being cyber-bullied, how to prevent it, who to ask help from when I need it.
  • We should be careful when online when talking to strangers. We should also not be too addicted to games. We should know what is wrong and what is right. We should never give strangers our personal information. We should never be addicted to gaming too.
  • I learnt that it is bad to cyber bully and you should not become a game addict as it is bad for health and studies. I learnt that you can make a fool of yourself by making friends with strangers online.
  • Online gaming and cyber bullying us dangerous
  • I learnt that gaming addiction is bad. If I buy something on a computer online game. It is not mine, it belongs to the game creator.
  • People can make fake persona online. We should not spend a lot of money on games. I will help my friends by telling him to tell an adult
  • I learnt what cyberbullying is. I will tell a friend (who is addicted) to stop 

From Parents
  • It is important for children to practice moderation in online activities. They should learn to not overindulge and addicted to games.
  • Good to expose the kids to game addiction, social media and cyber bullying, how to identify it and also how to seek help
  • It is wonderful case studies where children know the consequences and deal with situations accordingly. The case studies created awareness and the danger of cyber-world dangers
  • A much appreciated and excellent programme to a healthy youth and healthy future of the nation. Various aspects of cyber-bullying be it games addiction or divulging of personal info/money. well covered. thank you
  • I am glad that the school covers cyberwellness and speak to the boys about it. The materials are relevant and it is easier for the kids to understand with case studies than just plain rules/ do's and don'ts on cyberwellness
  • This booklet is very useful and bring up the awareness of cyberbullies to the parents. It is useful to my kids and they will be aware of the impact of game addiction. Thank you.
  • I think this programme has been useful in creating awareness of the dangers of game addiction and cyber bullying. It is important to let our children know the repercussion and perils that lurk on the internet.
  • This exercise has taught my son the vast powers and tools the internet has to offer. And like all such things, while it has many positive applications to society, the possible abuse must also not be underestimated.
  • My son has become more aware of the dangers present on the internet
  • This book gives good guidance of cyberwellness through stories. This will definitely help kids to learn cyber-wellness tips.
  • I'm glad that there's such a session to create awareness of cyber danger among the kids, It'll definitely help when the youngster faced such a kind of problem. Thanks organizer for a job well done.

See pictures of the boys in action below: