#2. A Day in ACSBR (4 April 2012)

Let us show you around the secondary one level on the 4th April 2012 at 0830 hrs.

4 out of 8 classes are conducting 1:1 lessons. 
The point here is not how many classes are using technology.
The key here is the kind of activities that teachers can do with the affordance of the devices.

Teachers focus on collaborative work, discussions and higher-order thinking activities in the classrooms. 
The students benefit from the interaction with their teachers guiding them, asking questions and challenging them to think deeper. 

See from the videos below the range of activities that are happening in the classroom.

1:1 is not about the technology but the learning. 

So enjoy the peak into the ACSBR classrooms!

Geography - "Volcanoes"

Where: 1 Gideon classroom
Task: Research on Volcanoes and present their learning in a 1 page summary
Learning: Hear how the teacher is giving instructions in the video. The teacher is moving around asking questions and checking that students are moving in the right direction. 


English - "Suspense"

Where: 1 Luke classroom
Task: Students have to enter into a Google Spreadsheet what they identify as suspense devices.
Learning: Collaborative Learning. Hear the students in the video asking " What is the EVIDENCE?". Through discussion, asking questions and then forming answers to the questions they ask, they form a deeper appreciation of how suspense devices are used in texts. 


English - "Reading Aloud"

Where: 1 Elijah classroom
Task: Read a passage aloud and record their reading.
Learning: Self-Directed Learning. In the video, you see how a boy retreats to a corner of the school and records his own voice. I observe that the boy was replaying his recording and tries again until he is satisfied with his reading. This is one of the proud moment for me as a teacher to see our students engaged in learning. They feel empowered to learn. 


Mathematics - "Discovering Angles"

Where: 1 Abraham classroom
Task: Record a short 1 min clip to explain angles
Learning: Metacognitive Processes. In the video, hear the boys explain the different angles. Through explaining, they are "thinking aloud".