Loan of Learning Devices

As the cost of the chromebook device is significantly lower than other computing devices, students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own chromebook for use during the 4-year 1:1 Learning Programme. There will be no scheme/subsidy to help finance the purchase of the chromebook. In the event that students are unable to purchase one due to financial constraints, the school has made ready some school-owned chromebooks for loan. 

Borrowers of these school-owned learning devices are to abide by the school's loan policy.

  1. Computing devices are loaned to students as an educational tool should only be used to complete school work.
  2. Before a computing device is loaned to a student, the student and his parent must sign the school’s acknowledgment form. Parents are required to attend an informational meeting before the computing device will be loaned to their child.
  3. Students are responsible for the proper care of loaned computing device at all times, whether on or off school property, including costs associated with repairing or replacing the computing device.
  4. The computing device may only be used by the student to whom it is assigned.
  5. All loaned computing devices must be returned in acceptable working order at the end of the school year or whenever requested by school staff.

Please contact Mr Toh Hun Khim at for further information.