Below you will find digital copies of Mrs. Veda's Pink Letter other important letters and announcements.

Newsletter 9-19-2018

posted Sep 20, 2018, 8:51 PM by Derik Thompson

Thanks to everyone who endured the heat to attend the flag football game on Monday. Our next home game is Monday, September 24th against St. Margaret Mary from Slidell.  I hope to see you there, and hope that it will be cooler.


If your child needs to go to aftercare before the home ball games, you need to see Ms. Terry about a registration form. Students who are regular attendees have already completed this form, but we had several players and cheerleaders who stayed yesterday for one hour until time to go to the park.  Children who stay will be billed $5.00 for one hour of service and will be sent as a group to the park.  I want you to understand that there is no adult to accompany them.  Terry will watch them across the street, but she cannot leave the building with unattended children.  Please talk to her if you need this service.


Next week will be the ACS Food Drive to benefit the Bogalusa Food Bank.  Beta is sponsoring this worthwhile service project.  Please send non-perishable food items to school, or stop by and put them on the stage.  Humble service is part of the ACS mission statement and a pillar of Catholic education. Giving back to those in need helps teach the students to put Christian teachings into real life situations.  Thank you for your generosity.


I hope you are planning to decorate a pumpkin with your family for the upcoming contest on Thursday, October 4th.  Remember DO NOT carve the pumpkin because your child can bring it home after the Fall Fest. There will be a costume contest at the Fall Fest on Saturday, October 6th.  I am really excited that middle school is doing a Haunted House.  I know that will be fun.  Bert Burr will be here to take beautiful fall pictures of your family.  There will be homemade goodies at the Cake Walk, lots of fun games, and delicious food. Next week, I will send information about goodies for the Cake Walk.  We need every family to donate something.  I bet there are some grandmothers and aunts who make wonderful homemade goodies, or you can certainly purchase goodies to send-whatever works for you. Be creative and have fun with all these projects.  Pinterest is full of great inexpensive ideas that you can involve your whole family in. Room mothers will contact you to volunteer time that night to run your class’s booth, and we need guys to work in the concession stand. This is a family event. Please plan to attend. Invite neighbors, friends, and family to join in the festivities.


The ACS Track/Cross Country Team is running in the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival Run on Saturday, September 29th. Many of our runners have family members who are running with them.  This would be a fun time to show up and cheer for our families who are participating. Thanks, Coach Ross, for pushing us on and involving ACS in these wonderful events!!


I realize that we are weltering through record breaking heat, but fall starts this weekend, and one day soon it will be cool.  Sweatshirt orders are due by Friday, September 21st.  Derik handles these orders, and he will be leaving soon.  So, do not miss this opportunity to get your child’s winter clothing taken care of.

Newsletter 9-12-2018

posted Sep 14, 2018, 8:21 AM by Derik Thompson

Today marks the beginning of ACS Flag Football season. The Crusaders will travel to Coquille Park in Covington to play St. Peter’s. Tomorrow is the first Pep Rally at 2:20. Cheerleaders and Pep Squad will participate, and the game against Our Lady of Lourdes begins at 4:30 in the field behind the YMCA. Come out and cheer for our team!

The track team practiced in the rain yesterday. What a great attitude! They are participating in the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival on Saturday, September 29th. Thanks to all the coaches for volunteering their time to train our students and offering them these worthwhile experiences. We appreciate their dedication.

The Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Sale officially begins on Monday. However, the packets arrived early, and we are sending them today. We have sampled cookie dough from several companies and these are the best tasting products. All orders and money must be returned to ACS by Monday, October 8th with delivery scheduled on Tuesday, November 6th.

In our continuing effort to make ACS a safe place for your child, next week staff members will receive Stop the Bleed training from doctors at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital. Everyone has also received American Red Cross CPR training. Flu shots will be available through the hospital nursing staff at a later date to be announced. Some students received notice that they are in need of immunizations. Please take care of that as soon as possible. Your child’s health and safety are important to us.
Plans are underway for the ACS Fall Fest on Saturday, October 6th from 5-8 in the school parking lot. Room Mothers are planning their booths. They will be contacting all families for assistance. Several contests are planned, and prizes have been ordered. There will be a Costume Contest at 6:00. Bert Burr will be here with a beautiful fall backdrop to take Autumn pictures of your family. There will be delicious food and fun for the entire family. On the back of this letter, you will find information about the pumpkin decorating contest. I am sending it early so that you can decide what kind of pumpkin your child will create. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for booths, costumes, and pumpkins. Be creative and have fun!

Newsletter 8-29-2018

posted Sep 14, 2018, 7:43 AM by Derik Thompson

Words are inadequate to thank all of you for the tremendous success of Sunday’s Jambalaya/White Bean Dinner. When Ms. Pat receives all the invoices, we will give you a final report, but over 1,100 dinners were sold.  Wow! We could not have done it without the volunteers who showed up Saturday and Sunday. I have heard good comments from people who purchased dinners. Left over White Beans are frozen and will be served at the Fall Fest on Saturday, October 6th.

Thanks to all the parents who have volunteered in the cafeteria.  We are supposed to have a third lunch room lady beginning tomorrow. Kandi and Tonya have had a rough start to this year, but your help has made it a lot more bearable.

I can hardly believe that it is time to send out the September calendar.  Please keep it handy so that you will know what special events are occurring around ACS.  We are proud of our flag football team and our cross country track teams. They are practicing in the heat and rain to be ready for this year’s sporting events. Both of these groups have events in September. The cheerleaders and pep squad are also practicing to cheer our student athletes to victory. Mark your calendar and join us to show your support. Thanks to the coaches and sponsors who make these activities possible for our students.

Thursday is the deadline for ordering the official Washington Parish Fair shirts through ACS.  Price is $15.00, which is the same as if you purchase them at the Fair; and ACS will receive $5 per shirt. Students will be allowed to wear any Fair shirt the week before the Fair—Monday, October 8-Friday, October 12, 2018.  We have this year’s shirt in the office if you would like to see it before ordering.

We will once again participate in Domino’s Pizza Day every month on the first Thursday.  Mention ACS when you order your pizza. The class that purchases the most pizza will have a FREE class pizza party, and the school will receive a donation from Domino’s.

Labor Day holiday is Monday, September 3rd. Enjoy your long weekend with your family.

Newsletter 8-22-2018

posted Aug 22, 2018, 11:03 AM by Derik Thompson   [ updated Aug 22, 2018, 11:03 AM ]

Thanks for selling the Jambalya/White Bean Dinner tickets.  Return money tomorrow and any tickets that you will not be able to sell.  Orders for food must be finalized. As a thank you to the students, we will have Free Dress on Friday for their support of this fundraiser.  Refer to page 18 of the Parent/Student Handbook for Free Dress guidelines. No pants with holes; all shorts must be knee length, etc. These have changed since last year.  So, PLEASE review them.

Lots of you signed up to help with the Jambalaya/White Bean Dinner. THANKS!!! If you did not sign up, come help if you can. On Saturday morning at 9:30, we will gather to complete prep work.  Bring a cutting board and knife. Label these so that we will not get them mixed up. For the guys, Father will celebrate Mass at 4:00 am in the chapel.  Cooking will begin immediately after that. We need LOTS of guys to make this happen. Ladies, please arrive at 9:30 to set up and serve the dinners. We clean up as we go.  If you attend a church service, come as soon as you can after that. Middle school and high school students are encouraged to come help. No students will be allowed in the serving line.  They will be needed to help transport dinners to the pick-up line, etc.

All forms need to be completed and returned to the school this week.  We also need an email address for every family. These are needed so that we can set you up with Rediker.  That is what you need to check your child’s grades. It is also important that every family be connected to the school wide Remind app. Enter this number on your phone 81010 and text this message @acsnotify.  This is our emergency message system. We will send you messages on it, but in case of an actual schoolwide emergency, this how we can reach you quickly.  It is part of the ACS Crisis Plan. Thanks for helping us get all these Back to School details taken care of.

Room Mothers will have their first meeting on Friday, August 31st at 2:00 pm in the cafeteria. Katrina Mitchell is the Room Mom Chairperson this year. Thanks!!  After our meeting, all families will be contacted to help with the Fall Festival which is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th. So, mark the date on your calendar and start thinking of costumes for the contest and pumpkin ideas to decorate. Pinterest is filled with ideas!! Bert Burr will be here to take professional fall family photos. Details will follow on this fantastic family event filled with fun and  delicious food.

Allergy Notice

posted Aug 16, 2018, 12:47 PM by Derik Thompson

At Annunciation, we have several students who are allergic to nuts, particularly peanuts and hazel nuts. While we have plans in place to address the needs of these students, it is important that our entire school community be aware of what we can do to prevent allergic reactions, which for some children, can be a life threatening incident. We encourage parental support by asking parents to communicate the following message to your children.


• Take food allergies seriously. Joking about it, teasing children who have food allergies, or tricking someone into eating foods that are inappropriate for them can be very dangerous.
• Do not share your food.
• Wash hands after eating, especially if you have consumed anything made from nuts, such as a peanut butter/jelly sandwich or Nutella on crackers.Touching certain foods can cause an allergic reaction in some students.
• If someone gets ill, get help from an adult immediately.
• Some symptoms of food allergies are vomiting, swelling of the face and lips, difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and skin that becomes red, bumpy, or itchy.


Avoid bringing shelled nuts to school (peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc.) as the dust particles can become airborne and cause severe reactions to those who are allergic.

Remember when purchasing treats, especially around holidays, NO peanut butter cups, Snickers, etc that contain nut products. Even Nutella can cause an allergic reaction.


Our goal is for all students to feel safe and protected in all situations at school.  I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Newsletter 8-15-18

posted Aug 16, 2018, 6:49 AM by Derik Thompson   [ updated Aug 16, 2018, 6:49 AM ]

Annunciation students and staff are off to a fast start.  Practice has begun for flag football, cross country, track, and cheerleading.  Pep squad for girls in lower grades will begin next Monday.

Thanks for your cooperation with last week’s power outage.  A blown transformer is no way to start the first week of school.  After that excitement, things have settled down and everyone is establishing their routines.

Parent Back to School Meeting for grades 4-7 will be held on Thursday at 5:30.  The staff looks forward to sharing important information with you. Thanks to all the parents who have already attended.

Jambalaya/White Bean Dinner is fast approaching. This year’s goal is 1,000 dinners. Father Bru and His Cooking Crew are known for this dinner.There is a separate sheet being sent to you with detailed information. Please sign up to help and return it tomorrow.

Cafeteria manager, Kandi Bankston, has asked that families apply for free and reduced lunches.  This can be handled on line at the ACS website. If you do not know what to do, contact Kandi and she can help you.  The income levels have increased and many of you are eligible. Please complete the form. ACS receives federal assistance based on the number of free/reduced children we serve.  Your participation directly helps our school receive federal money for the feeding program as well as Title I tutoring and professional development.

Special thanks to the parents who have volunteered to serve lunch in the cafeteria. We are one adult short, and the Archdiocese is not planning to hire anyone else.  The extra hands at serving time make things go so much smoother. Please let Kandi know if and when you can help.

PLEASE remain in your car and drive through the after school pick up line.  Adults and students are NOT ALLOWED to cross the street except at the crosswalk. Do not park and walk across the street to get your child. This causes confusion and slows the line down. If your child is young and must be buckled in by an adult, pull completely out of the car line on the left hand side of Avenue C.  After your child is secure, you can once again merge and continue out. In the first week of school, we have had two instances of local traffic zooming down Avenue C on the right hand side of the street. The line at ACS is not ever very long, and we try ensure everyone’s safety. Thanks for your cooperation.

Some of you have not turned in an email address. We need these to set you up on Rediker.  This is how you will be able to check your child’s grades on Rediker. Also, if you have not signed up for the Remind app, you need to do that.  Sign up for your child’s class and the school wide one.This is the way teachers keep you posted on upcoming school activities.

While you are dealing with your phone,I am asking that you install the Shoparoo app on your phone.  It is free. When you shop, you take a picture of the receipt. Very easy! Ask your family and friends to help us in this way also.  The school receives a check once a year based on the value of the receipts.

Newsletter 8-8-2018

posted Aug 8, 2018, 6:37 AM by Derik Thompson   [ updated Aug 8, 2018, 6:37 AM ]

Welcome to school year 2018-19.  I am so happy that you will be part of the Annunciation Catholic School family this year.  We analyzed the surveys you completed last spring and have implemented changes accordingly. The teachers have worked all summer to insure the best possible educational experience for our students.  

When we received the ACT Aspire Achievement Test results, we were thrilled that students showed overall improvement in all areas. We have a complete new science series, and teachers have received professional development in that subject area. After staff training by FEMA and the Bogalusa Police Department, the Crisis/Emergency Plan has been up-dated to make our school more secure in emergency situations. All teachers also received up-to-date CPR training. You will be hearing a lot about Growth Mindset from the teachers and students. We are excited to encourage students to persevere and be proud of their accomplishments. Teachers also received training with Moby Max.  Therefore, that program will be expanded.

Based on the suggestions of stakeholders, the ACS Mission Statement has been up-dated to be more inclusive and better reflective of what we do at Annunciation:

Annunciation Catholic School prepares students of all faiths for the challenges of an ever-changing world by providing opportunities for academic excellence, character development, and humble service in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment.

You are receiving a lot of information and paper work this week.  I appreciate if you would take the time to complete it as soon as possible.  Remember both emergency cards need to be completed front and back. Take the time to list everyone who can pick up your child. This will be strictly adhered to. And PLEASE go online to apply for free/reduced meals. This increases our Title I and II payments from the federal government. The allowed income has increased, you could very well qualify.

After school care begins on Monday.  The sign up form is in your packet of papers.

You are receiving Jambalya/White Bean Dinner tickets.  We ask that each family sell ten tickets. For those of you new to ACS, we always do this dinner the last weekend of August so that we do not interfere with football season. We need volunteers to do prep work on Saturday, August 25th, men to cook beginning at 4:00 am on Sunday, August 26th, and lots of help to serve and clean up on Sunday,August 26th beginning at 9:00am.  I will be in touch next week asking for you to sign up.  Mark your calendars. It is a lot of work, but a great way to meet other parents and support the school.

This is going to be a fantastic school year.  I am glad I will get to share it with you!

Newsletter 5-23-2018

posted May 24, 2018, 7:02 PM by Derik Thompson   [ updated May 24, 2018, 7:02 PM ]

It seems like only yesterday we were saying “Welcome Back” and now it is time to say “Have a Great Summer.” Where did this school year go? I would like to thank all of you for your patience, cooperation, and support through all the projects, fundraisers, and everyday events that make Annunciation Catholic School what it is. Working together we have made a year of fantastic memories and beneficial educational experiences for the students. We could not have done it without each of you.

If you have not completed the parent survey online, please take a few minutes and do it today. We value your responses and suggestions. The ACS staff will gather during the summer to brainstorm ideas for improving our school. We need and appreciate your guidance.

Students have Free Summer Dress on Friday and next Tuesday. They will not attend school on Monday for Memorial Day. The teachers will be here to complete grades and paper work. On Wednesday, May 30th, the End of Year Awards Program will take place in the church at 9:00. Students will be dismissed at 11:00.

Office summer hours are from 9:00-12:00 beginning Monday, June 4th through Friday, June 15th. If your child is not here on the 30th to receive his/her report card, stop by school during these hours to get it.

If you have gently used uniforms that you no longer need, drop them off at the office. We will have FREE uniforms available in the cafeteria during the June summer hours. This is a great way to swap out clothes your child has outgrown for a bigger size. You will receive a copy of the REVISED Uniform Policy with the report card. READ it before purchasing clothing items!!

Friday will be the last Beta movie night for this school year. Cost is $5.00 and it begins at 6:00. We hope to see your family in the cafeteria!

On June 1st, registration fees will be billed to your Facts account. Also remember that school supplies for next year can be purchased online through Class Bundle. Many families found that a convenient way to obtain what they needed without chasing down items on the supply list.

Remember to send all library and textbooks back to school.
Have a safe and happy summer break. Welcome Back Mass is at 4:00 on Saturday, August 4th and students return on Wednesday, August 8th. It will be here in the wink of an eye. Enjoy your time off!!

Newsletter 5-16-2018

posted May 17, 2018, 1:59 PM by Derik Thompson   [ updated May 17, 2018, 2:00 PM ]

This is the last pink letter for several groups of students. It has been my pleasure to watch the seventh graders for eight years as they grew from little Crusaders into outstanding young men and women. I wish them all the best as they graduate from ACS on Saturday at 4:00 Mass. You are welcome to come and join in their celebration.

On Friday, PreK students will have their end of year program. You are also invited to come celebrate with them at 9:00 in the cafeteria. This will mark the end of their year. Friday is also the last day for after care. Please make appropriate arrangements for your children next week.

Kindergarten’s end of year program is scheduled for Wednesday, May 23rd in the ACS cafeteria at 9:30. This will be their last day. We would love to have you with us as they celebrate moving to first grade.

End of year awards ceremony for grades 1-6 will take place in church at 9:00 on Wednesday, May 30th, and dismissal will be at 11:00. The ACS office will be open from 9-12 Monday through Friday beginning Monday, June 4 through Friday, June 15th.

Here is the up-dated ACS Mission Statement. We feel that it better describes who we are and what we strive to accomplish at ACS:

Annunciation Catholic School will prepare students off all faiths for the challenges of an ever changing world by providing them with opportunities for academic excellence, character development and humble service in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment.

We continuously strive to improve the tenets included in the Mission/Purpose Statement: academic excellence, character development and humble service. I have told you for several weeks that you would be asked to respond to a survey about Annunciation Catholic School. Mr. Derik has it ready for you to complete. Teachers will send you a Remind message with the link to access the survey. Please take your time to give us honest feedback so that we can plan over the summer to better meet the needs of our ACS families.

You asked for it. So, we are excited to announce that our school is offering online school supplies through ClassBundl for the upcoming schoolyear! You can simply search our school, select your student’s classroom, and have their supplies bundled for the new school year. Plus, each purchase earns 5% cash back to ACS to fund projects. You can order supplies with just a few clicks at This option was offered two years ago, and many of you requested that we do it again.

We were contacted by Frances Dunaway that she is closing the front part of her business. Her son will continue to run the screen printing, etc. in the back. All uniforms are reduced 40%. If you have gently used uniforms that that your child has outgrown, you can donate them to ACS. We will notify you when we will have the used uniforms displayed for you to come look through. They will be offered to you at no charge.

Mr. Derik has an update on our missing spring spirit shirts. The ACS shirts were sent to the wrong school, and the company has redone them. They are supposed to be here in the next few days. Please accept my sincere apologies.

We need outdoor play toys and equipment for PreK. If you have any that your child no longer uses, we would love to receive them. As you have probably noticed, the big tree in the PreK play yard had to be taken down. Over the summer, we will secure something to provide shade for the students and teachers. If you have a contact that deals in sheds/outdoor covered areas, ask them to contact the school.

Thanks to everyone for their love and support this schoolyear. For those graduating or moving this summer, you will always remain part of the ACS Family. Visit us whenever you get a chance.

Newsletter 5-8-2018

posted May 11, 2018, 8:21 AM by Derik Thompson   [ updated May 11, 2018, 8:21 AM ]

Since this is Teacher Appreciation Week across America, I want to salute the amazing teachers of Annunciation Catholic School. In my 44 years in education, I have never seen a more dedicated group of professional educators. They give tirelessly of themselves to provide students with a quality educational experience. I salute them for their love and dedication!

In the near future, you will be asked to complete an AdvancED survey . When you receive the link, please take your time to give us honest and thought out feedback. We seriously try at ACS to continuously improve the services your children receive. We appreciate constructive suggestions to better meet their needs. Thanks for your cooperation.

We are waiting for our new spring spirit shirts to arrive. Until then, any ACS spirit shirt may be worn every day with uniform bottoms and shoes-- unless it is a Mass or program day.

All ACS families MUST have a Facts account. That is how everything is paid at Annunciation. Registration fees will be paid through this account on June 1st. Contact Ms. Pat if you have any questions.

Ms. Pat also wants to remind ALL parents of Louisiana Scholarship students to come by her office to sign forms mandated by the State Department of Education. These must be signed by May 18th. Also, scholarship families MUST establish a Facts account. Contact Ms. Pat with any questions you might have.

Tomorrow is Track and Field Day at Bogalusa High School. Our team will compete. This is a new sport at Annunciation, and I want to thank Coach Ross and Coach Ann for making it happen. I also want to thank all the parents who are helping their children participate.

The Sports Award Breakfast is Thursday, May 10th at 7:50. All coaches and ACS athletes need to be here on time. Please wear one of your athletic uniforms. It will be our day to honor your hard work and accomplishments this year.

Student Council campaign and elections are in full swing. Best of luck to all the candidates!

Next Tuesday, the 7th graders will receive their End of Year Awards at the conclusion of 8:00 Mass. Everyone is invited to join us as we salute the outstanding accomplishments of our graduating class. Also on Tuesday at 1:30, we will present “ACS Has Talent.” Any student wishing to participate needs to contact Mr. Derik to complete the necessary paperwork. Everyone is encouraged to come see this amazing display of student talent.

Thanks for all you do for our school!

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