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Elementary School


Kindergarten students at Annunciation Catholic School delight in discovery daily. Through playing letter and word games and sharing literature in small and large groups, this language-rich environment provides the foundations for early reading. Children’s interest in the world around them guides classroom instruction and inquiry-based learning experiences. Highlights for our precious Kindergarteners are Fall Festival, Christmas Program, Mother Goose Parade, Children’s Coronation, and Kindergarten Graduation.

1st Grade

Discovery is the key word for First Graders because they are inquisitive and ready-to-learn. First grade is all about firsts: first time to use a desk, first time to take tests, and first time to use textbooks. They are ready to begin a new adventure through learning new concepts that will continue throughout their school careers. Their discovery of independence and growth is an ongoing process. First Grade is designed to utilize all subject areas to promote independent learning and growth.

2nd Grade

Second grade is a time where students incorporate skills that have been introduced in Kindergarten and First Grade with new expectations in order to meet and surpass state guidelines. It is also an instrumental year in a child’s faith and relationship with Jesus as the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are made. With a focus on study skills and developing responsibility, second graders will gain independence and confidence in themselves. Emphasis is placed upon fluency in reading, developing strong comprehension, and math facts fluency. In addition to classroom instruction, a numerous programs are utilized to motivate the students and enhance learning such as Everyday Math Calendar Counts, MobyMax, Math4Today, Book It, and Individual Reading Logs.

3rd Grade

In third grade, the curriculum with follow and exceed the Louisiana State Student Standards and Next Generation Student Standards. The main focus will be on the following topics: motion and stability, molecules and organisms, ecosystems, heredity, biological evolution, earth’s systems, and earth and human activity. Focus is also placed on what makes Louisiana unique in terms of its geographic, historic, cultural, governmental, and economic characteristics. Topics will include: Louisiana Today, Louisiana’s First Inhabitants, Colonial Louisiana, State of Louisiana, and Louisiana’s Future. Student work on developing an understanding of multiplication and division of whole numbers, developing an understanding of fractions, recognizing area as an attribute of two-dimensional regions, describes, analyzes, and compares properties of two-dimensional shapes, reading literature and informational text, Reading foundational skills, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language.

4th Grade

As fourth grade students transition from self contained classrooms to departmentalized instruction, teachers offer the support and guidance needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Students solidify basic skills and are challenged to explore personal passions while taking risks both in and out of the classroom. With greater awareness of self and others, fourth graders begin to establish their identity as individuals. At this critical time, they receive support in managing diverse personalities and changing friendships.

5th Grade


In fifth grade, emphasis is placed on making the students feel comfortable and confident to collaborate, communicate, and think critically. They are expected to gain independence, develop better study skills, and become more responsible. Students are encouraged to join the Beta Club, 4-H Club and Student Council. Members of these clubs are given opportunities to develop leadership qualities.