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The four symbols within the crest are divided by a cross, which is the symbol of Christianity. The lamp of learning signifies the pursuit of knowledge. The school’s mascot, the crusader, depicts the dedication to spreading the message of God. The pelican feeding her young symbolizes not only the state of Louisiana and the Archdiocese of New Orleans, but also the sacrifice of Jesus that gave us eternal life. The bread and wine of the Eucharist completes the inner crest, indicating that Catholic formation provides the foundation for all endeavors of the school. The motto below the crest, “Super Omnia, Fides” means “Above All, Faith”. Olive branches encircling the crest signify the school’s strong commitment to peace, tolerance, and harmony.

To achieve our mission and vision, Annunciation seeks to continually improve its rigorous common core-aligned curriculum through professional development, technology, and high learner expectations. Catholicism is the cornerstone of the vision, as evidenced by weekly Mass attendance, daily religious instruction, prayer throughout the day, and numerous opportunities for benevolent service.The students of Annunciation are led by a Christian staff to embody the values of Jesus; namely, service to God and others, love, compassion, and sacrifice. The seventh grade students participate in a community service hour program as a graduation requirement and recognition is given during awards programs for outstanding community service. Annunciation has a monthly school wide service project, which is associated with the Beta Club and Religious program at the school.