A New Way of Thinking

A typical elementary classroom is focused, primarily, on reading and mathematics. On average, students receive 30 minutes of science instruction 2-3 times per week. At SPARK Academy, we are doing school a bit differently.

Instead of putting science last in our curriculum, we put it first! Building on a foundation of non-fiction reading and literature, our students spend their day exploring science, math, engineering, and computational skills all while using the latest technologies. Our students will have the opportunity to learn through experiences in STEM+C fields, both in school and out in the community.

SPARK is an acronym that stands for Scientific, Project-based, Academic Research by Kids. All of our students will be conducting their own field research based on what they are learning and also what needs are present in our community. That research could range from what plants are best suited to put in a butterfly garden to how we could make different parts of our community more accessible to all. Our students will be working with experts throughout our region to develop projects and solutions.

‚ÄčIn addition to classes in physical education, art, and music, SPARK Academy students will spend two hours a week in our STEM Lab and Maker Space. There, our students will have the chance to discover, create, and experiment. While our students will have access to the latest technologies, they will also explore new uses for everyday materials as well. Our goal is to ignite a passion for discovery!