Fran - Young People

I work with young people from the age of 5 upwards on such issues as: low self-esteem, self harm, anxiety, anger, sexuality, friendships, family problems, school problems, bullying.

It is vital when working with young people that they want to come for counselling, it needs to be their counselling and their space.  In coming for counselling they will have a safe confidential space in which to think about and share what’s on their mind. It can be hugely beneficial to simply have someone who is not family, school or friends to really listen.

It’s important to let them share as much or as little as they want about the counselling or simply nothing at all with you as parents or carers. You will have worries or concerns about them but it is crucial that they can trust that what they say is private.


In exceptional circumstances if child protection issues should be raised or if I’m given information that the young person or anyone else was in danger or at risk of serious harm I may have to break confidentialty.  I would usually try to gain the young person’s consent to disclosing information to the relevant persons or authorities, but  if consent can’t be obtained I need to remain free to take action independently. I would seek the parent's or carers written permission to work with any young person under the age of 16 and expect safe travel arrangements to be put in place.

 Depending on the age of the young person it is sometimes helpful to have a joint meeting at the start of the counselling with parents/carers and the young person, although this is not always necessary or desirable.