The Virtual Theological Library Project is the work of Seth Allen, a member of ACL, on behalf of ACL's mission to support libraries.  The work began by discussion between Seth and the ACL Executive Director Janelle Mazelin, about the possibility of creating a 'how-to' website that demonstrates how to create a virtual library catalog with free tools. After much discussion, the name 'Virtual Theological Library Project' was chosen to reflect the goals of this project. 
The goals of this project include:
  • Supporting librarians with minimal resources in creating their own virtual library catalogs
  • Enriching library collections with freely accessible digital resources
  • Saving the time of researchers by consolidating the best open access resources in one online portal

You will notice that the library has two main sections: the Virtual Library and the 'How-To' Tutorials.  The Virtual Library aggregates open access resources on the web.  These records can be downloaded to incorporate in one's own catalog.  The 'how-to' page demonstrates how to create a searchable library catalog.  Any comments or questions about this project should by directed to Seth Allen,