About High School

Welcome back to school

Dear Parents and Students of High school,

We would like to wish you all a fulfilling and joyful school year 2019-2020. It’s our goal to offer our students the best education that would enable them to be well recognized globally.  Parents’ involvement is highly appreciated; the school won’t be able to achieve the desired goals without parents’ continuous follow up and support. We encourage parents to be in close contact with the MS&HS principal’s assistants for their kids’ welfare. Unfortunately, some parents don’t answer our calls, or sign the memos sent with their kids. Parents are advised to check on their kids’ academics and behavior periodically. As more parents’ involvement results in better students’ scores, please engage more in your kids’ school activities and events.

 In our journey to perfection, we are continuously introducing new methodologies and improvements to help our students be creative thinkers and leaders.

 This year we are introducing a new system in grades 11&12. We are presenting more electives subjects to meet the students’ different interests and help them score better grades. We are grouping students according to their college and career goals. An orientation will be held to clarify and guide our students’ choices. The orientation is for grades 9,10, 11&12 on Monday 9/9/2019 in the school auditorium at 10 am.

Parents can use this mobile no. to contact the MS&HS office  01222360630.


Thanks for your co-operation,

Middle and High School principal

Mariam Elghannam