Data2HTML Gadget

The Data2HTML Gadget binds a JSON or XML webservice with a custom JsRender HTML template. 

Gadget URL:

More info here.

Demo, last 5 played tracks with this custom template:

Last 5 tracks

Type Format of the datasource (JSON or XML)
Datasource URL of the datasource
Template  URL of the JsRender template
Javascript URL of custom Javascript files that needs to be loaded, for example for JsRender helper functions (optional) 
CSS  URL of CSS file 
Disable caching Normally, the template and the data are cached for about an hour, but with this option enabled the template and data will be refreshed every request.
Linkify  Enable this if you want to Linkify. Wrap the content that needs to be linkified in a linkify css class
Hashtag search prefix  URL prefix that's used  to Linkify hashtags (optional)