Student Life At ACE 

There are many opportunities to have fun at ACE by getting involved in extracurricular activities.

Advisory Clubs

Teacher sponsored clubs meet from November to May during the 2nd block of the day on Thursdays. Students are assigned to the clubs based on their top 3 choices and space availability.

Clubs vary each school year. Below are the names of the clubs for the 2017-18 school year: Yoga Club, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA),  Newspaper/Online Magazine, Maker Space Club, International Club, Ophelia Club, Confident Girls Club, Skills USA, Gaming Club, History/Movie Club, Chess Club, Law Club.

International Culture Night

In April, we celebrate International Culture Night!  Staff, students and their families come together for a cultural celebration to enjoy student performances, singing and food from around the world. There is also an open dance floor for all.

Spirit Week

School spirit week is held in the spring.  Seniors announce the week and plan daily activities that the entire student body can participate in.  Each day is designated a “specific day;” past examples include pajama day, twin day, sports day, etc. Spirit week usually ends on a Friday with a student/faculty baseball game.

Field Trips

Every year students have an opportunity to visit to local Colleges and Universities and attend College Fairs. In addition, students plan end-of-year class trips to the location of their choice, such as Six Flags or the beach.

Dress Down Days

During the school year students have the opportunity to participate in planned dress down days (no uniforms!) that serve as fundraisers for the graduating class.

Student Council Sponsored Events

The ACE Student Council organizes a several events during the year. The type of event is decided by students each year and has included softball and basketball games where a team of teachers/staff members face off against a team of students. Student Council also organizes and hosts the Honor Roll Ceremony and Celebration.

Cru Club

A College Crusade Advisors visits ACE several times a week and holds Cru Club once a week. At Cru Club students can get extra help with class work, master tests, develop study skills, attend career workshops, and spend time with an Advisor.